The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Garden
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There’s nothing more inspiring than the first blossoms after a long, cold winter. Your garden will soon be brimming with life, but it’s important that you clean it up beforehand. Here are some essential tips for thorough and efficient garden spring cleaning.


Come up with a garden plan

Before grabbing all your gardening tools, you should create a plan for your spring cleaning and gardening. Not only will this help you be more efficient, but it will also enable you to map out certain changes you want to make. If you’re planning to update your landscape and introduce new elements, you’ll find it useful to have everything planned in advance. This way, you’ll have enough time to come up with the perfect layout, list everything you need and design a dreamy garden.


Maintain your tools

Another important step to complete before getting down to business is checking and fixing your tools. You should see whether your lawn mower needs to be serviced – it’s better to take it to a repair shop now than in the middle of the lawn-mowing season. You should also check your tools for rust and clean it off. Afterwards, inspect your power tools and pay attention to electrical cords. If there are any exposed wires, make sure to fix them. Sharpen all the blades and clean your tools thoroughly. Once you’re done, you can start spring cleaning your garden.



Spruce up your plants

One of the first things you need to do is prune and trim your plants. You need to spruce up any overgrown plants and remove dead ones if there are any. Trimming your trees is also essential, but make sure to hire a professional if you don’t have much experience doing this. You should also prune woody perennial flowers and plants to enable them to grow.


Tidy up

Once you go through your plants, you should tidy up your entire garden. You should rake dead leaves and twigs which you can later use for compost piles. Your lawn also needs some raking that will help you remove both leaves and excess thatch. During this stage, you should also pull out weeds and remove any clutter from your garden.



Remove garden rubbish

If you don’t want to compost, you’ll probably have a lot of rubbish gathered after a thorough clean-up. It’s important that you remove it properly and in an eco-friendly manner. Sydneysiders, for example, typically hire professionals to dispose of their rubbish after they’ve freshened up their gardens. They contact the leading company for rubbish removal in Sydney that removes garden rubbish and takes it away for recycling. Therefore, you should follow in the footsteps of Aussie gardeners and have professionals collect your green waste for you.


Give your fence an uplift

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to style up your fence, as well. A worn-out fence with peeling paint will definitely affect the appeal of your lush garden. So, grab a bucket of paint and a brush and get down to business. You can go with brown for a classic look or paint it white if that’s your idea of your dream home. Of course, there are plenty of other inspiring hue options, so you can try something different. However, make sure that the fence colour you pick works well with your garden plants and the façade of your home.



Plant new species

Spring is the perfect time to introduce new plants into your lovely oasis. Not only will your garden seem even lusher, but it will also gain new colours and appeal. Whether you want more flowers or trees and shrubs, go for it! However, if you’re planting in the early spring, make sure to pick plants that will survive the still-chilly weather conditions. In addition, you should consider going with local species and drought-resistant plants. This is a great way to conserve water in your garden because these species don’t require much water to survive.


Taking some time to spring clean your garden will provide you with a lush, colourful oasis with an enchanting, tidy look.

Guest post by Cooper Klein


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