Meet FoodLoop, a Solution That Helps Retailers Reduce Food Waste
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FoodLoop, a startup based in German city of Cologne, created solution that helps retail food industry eliminate food waste and, in the meantime, increase revenue.


FoodLoop’s solution comes in the form of a platform for food retailers and application for consumers.



Using FoodLoop platform, retailers are able to automate, optimize and simplify internal goods-specific processes and promote “best before date” discounted products right to the consumers’ mobile app. With this approach, FoodLoop aims to tackle supermarket food, which is still fresh and fully edible, before it becomes a waste.


FoodLoop CEO Christoph Müller-Dechent found out during his private research that many foodstuffs in food retail that have been sorted out several days before the expiry of best-before-date or use-by-date usually ended up in dumpster. Therefore, he decided to create a solution that would solve this problem.


Fast forward later, he developed the first idea of creating an app that would allow consumers to receive real-time discounted offers from supermarkets. And, subsequently, added an idea to pair the ERP system on a platform with a consumer app. Thus, he came up with a “holistic resource-saving solution for the consumer, food retail sector and the environment.”



FoodLoop’s system sends consumers targeted real-time offers since the app allows users to set personal preferences regarding food selection and point of purchase. With FoodLoop app, consumers are able to adjust push notifications, stay updated on the availability of particular food items and make the most of their money while shopping responsibly.


For more details about FoodLoop solution, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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