Toronto Unveils Plans To Turn Its Downtown into Sustainable Public Space

Mayor of Toronto John Tory unveiled plans for the green city park in the downtown area. According to the plan, developed by TOCore project, city  park will be called Rail Deck Park and will be created above Toronto’s western rail corridor, connecting the neighborhood of King-Spadina, City Place and the Waterfront.



Since more people choose to live in the downtown, the population in this area of the city is estimated to double to 475,000 by 2041. What’s more, currently downtown is one of the most park-deficient areas compared to other parts of Canada’s largest city. “This is our last chance to secure a piece of land that could transform the way we experience our city,” said Mayor Tory. Councilor Joe Cressy added, “More and more families are choosing to call downtown home, and they need somewhere to play with their kids, enjoy the outdoors and relax with friends. Turning this underutilized part of our city into a beautiful and sustainable public space is truly a win-win.”




To maintain downtown’s livability as its population keeps growing, it is planned to secure 21 acres of land for green parks and public realm system that will serve high density neighborhoods and create legacy for future generations of city residents and visitors. "Great cities have great parks. As Toronto grows, we need to take bold action to create public space and make sure we build a city that makes future generations proud,” added John Tory.

To learn more about project, click here.


by Natalie Myhalnytska



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