What are The Home Decor Trends for 2020?
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New Year means a new start, not only to burn all these festive calories, but it is also the perfect time to renovate your home. Every year, designers try and experiment with different styles, decor elements, and home decorations. If you are trying to figure out what to do with your home next year, here are a few trends that Collected Interior Design believes will be in people's homes over the next year. In 2020, you can already talk about some trends, the love of which is obvious.


Wood or tile decor

In 2020, interesting trends emerged as leaders, one of which is drawings on tiles and wood carvings. These decorative elements are bold, catchy and beautiful in their own way. Let your heart express feelings through a similar element of the interior.


And if we talk about the drawing, it does not have to be colourful. If you like monochrome solutions, make a choice in their favor: white tiles and black paint will look modern and spectacular.


Canopy Bed

Oddly enough, we spend most of our lives in a dream. So why not make the room in which you sleep truly comfortable and beautiful? Four-poster beds are something regal and sophisticated. It is this trend in the design of bedrooms that crept into interior design in 2020. Treat the search or creation of such a bed as a creative process, or as the creation of a sculpture or a masterpiece.



In the New Year 2020, metal will find new, even more interesting and unexpected applications. Gold, brass or blackened bronze and other shiny materials will be used not only in the form of inserts for cabinet furniture but also as completely independent openwork decoration elements and art objects. Try out today and see the difference in your home.


90% white, 10% color

Earlier there were already “flashes” of the popularity of white in the interior, but now other colors have started to be added to white a little. You can use this trend through a 90/10 ratio between white and other colors.


This is pretty easy to do. Suppose you have a room with white walls, white furniture and a white floor. Allow yourself to add only 10% of the color to the room with a picture, bright pillows or new upholstery on the sofa, and you will be surprised how the room will sparkle with new colors. For example, you can drag a sofa from any interior designer shop by using wayfair promo code and combine it with black and white shades. There are millions of ways to incorporate this trend into your interior. Black chairs and sofas, white decorative pillows, chevron print, black and white marble - there are so many textiles and patterns that combine these two colors in 2020.


Modern boho style

The tendency to use the boho style in the interior has been relevant for several years and so far its decline has not been observed. In 2020, many designers turn to the canons of this style to refresh the interiors and make them eclectic, suitable for a variety of people. That is why the use of boho elements, for example, Moroccan carpet or bright pillows, will be very useful.


Patterns and textures are a great way to integrate boho style into your interior design without being too literal. And don't forget to add some greens!


home decor


The ceiling will not go unnoticed

Perhaps this is one of the most neglected parts of the room, but in 2020, designers finally paid due attention to the ceilings on their objects. Although this part of the room is still often a space for lost design opportunities, try to be creative in decorating the ceiling. For this, artificial beams, panels, and trim details are quite suitable, and trite adding color may become appropriate.


Luxurious Colors and Shades

Rich, vibrant and luxurious colors returned to interior design again in 2020. You may not like this trend very much, but you should try to make only a few accents in the room to understand whether you like it or not.


Natural Materials

The popularity of natural materials in product design will only grow. Combinations of different textures will become even bolder: wood will be complemented with quartzite or Carrara marble elements, ceramics combined with concrete and metal. Neutral colors come in quite classic and serene colors, and most importantly, they are not super busy. If you think neutral shades are so simple, then you are mistaken for several reasons. Neutral colors are white with a cool or warm hue. First of all, we look at shades of gray and beige. In 2020 neutral colors are still going to be in trend due to its elegant and rich look. If you are going to renovate your home and then neutral colors are going to be a great choice for your walls, you can also do experiments with your furniture including sofa and bedding.


Blue in the Interior

Shades of blue will continue to remain at the peak of fashion in 2020. Designers paint in shades of blue hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms. Still would! After all, it gives a sea of ​​opportunities for interior design, suits absolutely everyone and successfully combines with a variety of colours. You do not need to be an experienced colourist to find a decent blue pair. The possibilities of this color are endless. And in this material you will find some simple and useful ideas on how to use blue and its shades in the interior design.


Wallpaper Return

This may seem silly to many, but for a long time, among the trends were bare or painted walls, natural textures. Actually, all this does not lose its popularity, but again in the interior designs, we can notice the wallpaper. They can paste over the entire room or only one wall - it does not matter. Interesting wallpapers, for example, with a bright print or liquid, textured wallpapers, are gaining popularity.



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