What Companies are Investing in Energy Efficient, Forward Thinking Technologies?


Once considered an irrelevant concept reserved for a handful of enthusiasts, energy efficient technologies have come a long way in the last twenty years, securing their position as one of the most important requirements and goals of any modern business, industry or household. So it is no surprise that more and more investors are turning to them, looking for the next top player in the industry with fresh ideas and interesting energy efficient concepts.


Ever since the beginnings of ecology, car industry has been described as one of the biggest troublemakers when it comes to preserving the environment. But that trend is changing as well. In the last couple of years, General Motors Corporation has been actively working on implementing eco-friendly solutions into its products as well as into its facilities. By adopting energy efficient techniques, they were able to reduce their running costs across the world by $73 million. On top of that, GM has teamed up with several other companies in a joint effort to develop a smart car of the future powered by electricity and designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.


Another bright example of how a big industry can become more eco-friendly is SpaceX, the world-known spacecraft manufacturer credited for making and landing the first reusable booster rocket and making space travel more affordable for regular people. Besides inventing new materials and systems for their fleet of spacecraft, SpaceX is also modernizing its facilities and buildings in order to maximize its energy efficiency and reduce its overall carbon footprint. Last year, the company invested millions of dollars and outfitted its buildings with double glazing, reducing running costs as much as 30% and paving the way for new modifications. SpaceX is also researching several new double glazing technologies which could be used in the production of spacecraft and modules to protect astronauts against space radiation and extreme sunlight.



But big corporations are not the only ones making progress. John Goodenough, the German professor credited for inventing a lithium-ion battery, the bedrock of most of today’s electronic devices, is currently working on another version of the battery, which could last twice as long as the older one. He and his colleagues at the University of Texas in Austin are hoping that in the next couple of months, they will have a working prototype of a new battery which could become a standard and thus completely change the car, electronics, appliances and even space industry as well, allowing more devices and machines to turn to electric energy and thus increase their energy efficiency.


As technology inches ever further, and more and more people become aware of the importance of eco-friendly solutions, energy efficiency is gradually securing its place among other fields of science and economics, attracting investors who are willing to utilize it and new potential innovators eager to improve it. It is a booming discipline, full of bright ideas which could help humanity achieve great technological milestones all the while preserving the environment and securing a bright future for upcoming generations.


Written by Ollie White


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Ollie likes to write about energy efficiency, and is a firm believer in the Worldwide need to become more economical with our energy consumption, as well as a very human need to find new ways of delivering new energies to help ensure the future of mankind.



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