Why Eco-Friendly Fashion is The Future of Clothing Industry
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Fashion - the new blood for humans! No, no, I am not exaggerating in any sense. The fashion industry has flourished tremendously in the last few decades. More precisely, the apparel industry has gained momentum and has reached for cloud nine. However, with success, there is not always the sustainability that follows it. With the development of the clothing industry, there is a degradation of the environment day by day. With greater pace in the production of apparel, there is enormous usage of resources leading to tremendous wastage. We have started a continuous series of emitting non-friendly outcomes to nature.


The environment skeptics have their answers to save the environment from depleting by way of preparing ethical clothing. Customers haven't burned the spark of eco-friendly product demand thoroughly, but it is the fashion tycoons who are needed to bolder the steps to save the environment from a very severe downfall. Continuing the never-ending supply of chic clothes by fast fashion factories would lead to an extensive environmental disturbance or depression. Eco-friendly is the term that suits most to the current time of any industry. Similarly, eco-friendly fashion is the future of the clothing industry. So the question here is “why?”.


eco fashion

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Resources are Scarce

Undoubtedly, humans demand the usage of natural resources in any action they undertake. The fact says that the sources are scarce and short (limited) for individual use. It means that we have to use them carefully and economically. Due to this reason, eco-friendly clothing is evitable. Such garments are made up of natural fabric materials such as Cotton, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, Lyocell, Alpaca, Organic Wool, Silk, and similar things. As other resources are scarce, humans need to use renewable resources that are directly eco-friendly. Generally, when we talk about these renewable sources, they are one that can be either recycled, refurbished, or upcycled.


Development is Needed but Sustainability First

It is extremely true that development is key to growth, but the condition of sustainability for the future is a prior constraint. Many organizations have started printing attire by using non-toxic chemicals, which, in turn, increases their cost of production but is beneficial to the societal environment. It was seriously remarkable how fast fashion clothes were harming nature. Around the world, nowadays, the leading fashion designers have started designing desired outfits from fruits, vegetables, feathers, and leaves.


There is a list of 15 top celebrities who encourage this move of wearing eco-friendly outfits even on the red carpet which is pioneered by Emma Watson since the year 2015 during the promotion of 'The Beauty and The Beast.' Till date she continues to manage the same trend on the red carpet. If sustainability is put aside while developing, in the long run, there is no chance of survival. Sustainable development is one of the reasons why eco-friendly clothing is the future of the clothing industry.


eco fashion

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Invites more Growth

An entirely new concept of green clothing is in trend presently. Many companies are marching towards converting their product line towards eco-friendly cloth production. Studies across the globe reveal that 65-70% of the customer base who are below 35 years of age would opt for a brand that is ethical and environment-friendly over the exclusive brand. Gradually people have started getting aware and demanding for the product that does well to nature. Firmly, the future of the clothing industry is eco-friendly. With the changing trends, with the rising demand for environment-friendly products, and with the designers switching to designing outfits to save nature, eco-friendly is the invitation to the future growth of clothing enterprise. The bead bracelets for men would still be available but with a change in its manufacturing process and materials.


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So we can come to the conclusion that the green is going to be the new glamour for the fashion and clothing industry in the nearby tomorrow. The vital contribution to making this future happen is in the hands of consumers. The greater the demand for ethical or sustainable fashion, the more there will be eco-friendly undertakings by the business. What do you wear? An environment rivalry mess apparel or a nature-friendly decent outfit? Decide amongst the two to prove yourself a nature lover!

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