Why Leak Detection Is Important in Addressing the Looming Water Crisis

water conservation

The world is facing a looming and terrifying water crisis — according to a study reported by ScienceAlert  about 25% of the globe’s population is facing a water crisis and  17 countries are undergoing extremely high levels of baseline water stress, reported by the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Furthermore, this means that about one-quarter of our population or around 1.7 billion people currently living in agricultural and industrial areas withdraw 80% of their available water supply yearly.

This is something that we shouldn’t ignore and have to address immediately since the water supply globally is in such a vulnerable state. A small amount of water wasted is enough to cause a crisis and this is going to get worse with climate change — scientists couldn’t agree more to this.

To avoid the looming water crisis, it is necessary to raise awareness about water  leak detection.

Importance of leak detection in preserving water supply

Water leak often bears serious and expensive consequences to your home and pocket. However, some people might think that a leaking faucet, showerheads, or toilet tanks are not enough to cause alarm — especially if this leaking problem is not visible to the human eye and it occurs in the hidden areas in your home.

According to a report from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),  an average family can waste around 180 gallons of water each week or about 9,400 gallons of water each year and this is caused by household leaks alone. Additionally, household leaks can waste approximately 900 billion gallons of water each year in the US alone.

How does leak detection work?

Nowadays, there are modern leak detection systems that are efficient and easy to use. These devices use a sound-based approach, signals, sensors, alarms, and detectors to determine the exact area or locations of a leak inside your home.

Thanks to the evolving technology, modern leak detection systems use an array of sensors placed throughout your water system which detect even the most subtle sound of dripping water that is measured and used to let you locate the source of the problem.

Other factors crucial to leak detection are sound and frequency — these help water leak detection devices locate the source of serious raptures in your home’s pipeline system because water leaks’ pressure varies, which yields different frequencies. The signal and frequency that the device received are analyzed by its system and provide you or qualified technician information to determine how to address the leak.

water conservation

Reasons water leak detection is essential

Water lines across the country are leaking by the thousands every year and this only gets worse. Now, let’s discuss some reasons why water detection is essential:


Everyone should be concerned about our environment and protect our planet because we only have one — giving some thoughts about the possibility of having water leaks occurring inside your home is a start. Freshwater supplies in the US are under a lot of pressure as the population increases and the demand for water supply directly increases as well. Water conservation through water leak detection is a wise and smart thing to do.

Health safety

A leaking pipe can attract contaminants and these can get to your drinking water — this could pose serious health hazards for you and your family. In addition, leaking pipes can also be contaminating your whole property, including the water you use for other purposes. Having a leak detected earlier can give you peace of mind and prevent you from spending on expensive repairs.

Damage to property

Over time, an undetected leak in the ground can cause damage to your home’s foundation because it increases the moisture in the structure which encourages the buildup of mold, mildew, and other infestations.

Protecting the world’s water supply with leak detection is important because the looming water crisis is a growing concern, especially with global warming getting worse. Water leak detection should be considered and prioritized to prevent further water loss from happening. Water is one of the most necessary resources for health, economic development, and life. Water is precious. Climate change, drought, global warming are just some of the threats adding to water shortage, so let’s do our part through water leak detection.

Written by Michael Espina


About the Author

Michael has been working online for several years. He is currently the Outreach Manager for  ADI Leak Detection. He also loves carpentry, DIY stuff, and reading when he has time.


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