Marisa de Belloy
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Marisa de Belloy’s expertise spans a multitude of fields, including nonprofit management, investment banking, strategy consulting, and international entrepreneurial ventures. She has also been a professor and is a frequent speaker on climate change issues. Marisa couples her extensive background in international business and finance with her dedication to human rights to bring a unique approach to her position as CEO of Cool Effect. Marisa is an expert on the causes of carbon pollution and its impact on our planet and people. She is relentless in her pursuit of solutions, often traveling the globe to personally inspect the science behind projects that mitigate greenhouse gases. She is just as comfortable in a small setting with local residents to discuss issues as she is appearing on a panel of climate scientists and policy makers. Marisa’s passion comes not only from her education and strong work ethic, but also from her commitment to leaving her four children with a world they can enjoy for generations to come.


What to Consider When Purchasing Carbon Offsets



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