How the Plastic Water Bottle Is Wasteful in More Ways Than One
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plastic waste



Many of us pride ourselves on being resourceful individuals. We believe that we can make the most out of every dollar we earn and that we can remain cost-efficient with all of our purchases.


For the most part, many of us do manage to use our resources well enough so that we can sustain a certain standard of living while still putting money in the bank. However, there is also a blind spot that many people continually miss with regards to their spending.


Consider this: The average person spends around $346 annually on their bottled water purchases. That number may not shock you, but you may be surprised to learn that you only have to spend 48 cents to receive the same amount of tap water.


Needless to say, you aren’t using your resources as well as you can if bottled water is something you purchase often. And it’s not like the plastic bottle holding all that water is a symbol of fine resource management as well, given how we tend to dispose of it.


To put it simply, relying on bottled water is a wasteful habit in more ways than one. If you would like to learn more about just how much of a drain on resources plastic water bottles can be and how harmful they can be to the planet, please check out the infographic below.


plastic waste

Infographic originated from WorldofWaterFilter.



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