How to Naturally Deodorize Your Home
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DIY room deodorizer

Homes have a personality. As you move into a new place, you’ll start to learn some of your home's quirks. The door knob might need to be turned a certain way or a cabinet might need to be shut a little harder to close. While these are easy to adjust to, one quirk that you don’t have to tolerate is a bad smell. 


Whether it’s a fridge odor you can’t seem to wipe away or a mildew smell that originates in the closet but permeates through the home, these smells are hard to live with. Many try to deodorize their home with air fresheners. Unfortunately, 20% of the general U.S. population have reported adverse effects from air fresheners. This is because most brands have chemicals in their air fresheners. 


To help you deodorize your space without damaging your health, Apartment Guide has natural ways to clear out common home smells. They have a natural recipe to make a DIY room deodorizer, suggested essential oils to use and solutions to 7 common household smells. Read through for inspiration on how to naturally clean your space.


DIY room deodorizer



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