How to Keep Your Home Clean With Less Effort
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There’s nothing as therapeutic as maintaining a clean house. A clean house is not only hygienic and less likely to house germs, but it can be very calming for you. Imagine, coming home after a long day at work. But you get home to a neat, spotless, well ventilated and pleasantly smelling house.


This definitely reduces your stress as it provides a calming effect. So the good news is that now you can learn simple tips and ways to keep your house clean. So every time you come back home, you are always welcomed with a cleaning and calming sight. Outlined below for you are the easy tricks and tips on how to keep your home clean with less effort.


Clean As You Go

The first thing to always maintain a clean home is to train yourself to clean as you go. It may be difficult during the beginning. You are used to a weekly cleaning schedule, so the mess piles up and you clean it every Saturday.


Thus, making a transition from this to a daily practice may not be easy. But if you set your mind to it, you will succeed. Start by setting goals with practicing the smallest tasks. As they say, “If you do it for a month, its practice; do it for three, and it’s a habit.”


You can start by making your bed every morning. Make it a rule to never leave the bedroom, even to go to the john in the morning, without making your bed. This is important because doing so makes the room tidier.


It also serves a great motivation to continue with the same spirit throughout the house. And at the end of the day when you are going back to sleep, you jump onto a neat and freshly made bed for a more soothing sleep.


Around the house, also make it a practice to clean as you go. Some of the common things you can train yourself to do include:

  • Clean dishes as you go when you are cooking
  • Wipe sinks and faucets after every use
  • Mop up the kitchen when you are done cooking
  • Briefly clean the bathroom area after each shower
  • Clean and disinfect the toilets after a long call
  • If you have a large load every week, simplify the task by doing small loads every day
  • You can leave the machine on delay and come dry the laundry when you return home from work


However, if you have a family and want to ensure your efforts are effective, involve all the members of the family. This is because if you are putting all these efforts alone, you will be doing it in vain. You don’t want to clean and leave the sink tidy only to have your husband come in a toss two large plates with remnants of foods and walk away.


Declutter Your Home

Honestly, a packed display cabinet or dresser is not a pleasant vision. It doesn't matter how you try to "arrange" and "organize" them. So the next step to ensuring your house looks neat and tidy as well as to be able to easily clean it with little effort, you must declutter your living space.


Take your time to clean and organize the kitchen counters, bathroom counters, cabinets, dressers, storage cabinets, and similar furnishing. There’s a great chance you will come across so many items that are already depleted or simply useless to you. This is especially a problem with hoarders.


So, when you are decluttering and going through a variety of items and can’t decide which to throw away and which to keep, ask yourself, will I use this item? Is this item important to me? Even if the item is useful and functioning, it may still be of no use to you. So the best way is to donate it to charity, take it goodwill or share it with someone who needs it.


Devise a Storage Plan

After cleaning up your cluttered space, you can take the tidying up to the next level. Invest in a storage plan. When you hear the word "invest", you must be thinking about spending hundreds of dollars on new cabinets. But this isn’t the case. In fact, it is not recommended to go for more large furnishings because this will just cram and overshadow your space.


Instead, invest in storage boxes and baskets that also double as decorative items. This gives you organized space to store your items neatly whilst also enhancing the look of your home. Plus, simple daily cleaning becomes easier, as you can easily wipe or brush through.


clean house


Organize and Manage Traffic

If you pay more attention, you can easily determine where most traffic in your house is. These are the areas that create more mess and require cleaning and close attention daily. Plus, managing them helps you prevent the spread of the mess across your home.


A good example of high traffic areas in your home is the front and back door entrances. This is because you are coming from the outside, thus, you are probably hauling in dirt and dust with you. If you are not careful, you can easily spread them across the entire house.


A simple way to address this problem is to use doormats and rugs. So you can thoroughly wipe off the dirt from the shoes. However, this is not always enough. So you can also designate a space near the high traffic areas to park shoes that have been outside. You can also include the rugs in the house, as they are also effective at trapping dirt throughout the house.


Invest In an Automatic Pet Hair Cleaner

Rug repairs Atlanta expert, S&S rug cleaners, said that the toughest stain to get rid of is pet stain. A pet hair vacuum not only scoops up pair hair, but it can also offer a brief clear around the house. Invest in an automatic one that allows you to manipulate the settings. And when you are off to work, you can preprogram it to tidy up the house as you are away. It will address the pet hair issue as also vacuum up the area rugs around the house.


Take Your Mess With You

This doesn’t only mean taking the pizza box to the kitchen with you after finishing up the movie in the living room. It involves cleaning and clearing every aspect of the house as you go. So it can be anywhere from clearing and rinsing dinner plates to tossing dirty bedsheets into the washer before you leave for work.


To minimize trash in the house, always walk out with the trash bag on your way out to dump it in the dumpsters. When you get used to this practice, you will barely notice it as a task but rather a daily ritual.



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