10 Simple Yet Unique Ways To Cope With Stress
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ways of coping with stress


Stress is common nowadays, especially with so much going around globally. There is a lot of stress that you can easily find, but not many people know that they can easily cope with stress naturally, too. 

I have collected ten simple yet amazing ways that will help you cope with stress and will leave you feeling refreshed. Don't forget to share this article with more people. 

Talk about what bothers you to an expert

Stress is the cause of many problems that can turn into terminal diseases. If not treated, there are many different reasons why a person can be feeling stressed, but sharing can help. Usually, it is hard to trust people around us, and we feel like no one will understand what you are going through, this is when one should head to a professional. Talking to an expert will help in untangling things, it will make you feel refreshed and may give you a fresher perspective to think on. 

Exercise a week thrice

Exercising generates endorphins known as the happy hormones and the painkillers, so the more intense the exercise will be, the more these hormones release and keep the stress levels down. 

There are many different exercises from which one can choose from; you can do yoga on Sunday, running on Monday, weight lifting on Tuesday, and so on. You can invite a member of the family or the friend's circle to work out with you as that will give you time to connect to them and maybe rant about whatever is bothering you. 

Stay with supportive people

One of the greatest causes of stress is being surrounded by toxic people that bring you down in all ways. Try to get rid of such people and instead try to spend your time with supportive people who love you for who you are as a person. 

When a human is suffering from a stressful situation, they may fall into depression, and dealing with depression is no piece of cake. One has to be reminded again and again that they are wanted and needed. Therefore, stay with people that lift you when you are low and are there for you when things take a turn towards the bad side. 

Eat a healthy diet

Consuming a healthy diet is good for physical and mental health as a diet full of proteins, vitamins, vegetables, fruits, and dairy will keep you fit. What we don't realize is the fact that when we are stressed, we crave our comfort food and once we give in to that craving, then there is no stopping since our brains trick us into thinking that we are full and happy after consuming all that junk food when it is not the case. We are hungry again in an hour or two after which we want more junk food; it's a cycle. Therefore, try to be strong, and whenever you are stressed, do healthy snacking as it will help you grow mentally and physically. 

Do something that you enjoy

When we were children, things were easier, but being an adult is not easy. There are many different responsibilities that one needs to cater to but ask yourself one question, when was the last time I did something that I enjoyed? If the answer was three or four months ago or a year ago, you know that's a red flag that needs to be taken care of. Do something that you enjoy twice or thrice a week as it will not only distract you but help you relax. 

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a technique to help an individual get in control of their emotions. Find a comfortable posture, and breathe in for 4 seconds, keep it in for a second and then exhale for 4 seconds. While you are doing this, your mind will wander off to different places, but no matter where it goes, bring your focus back to breathing. Mindfulness helps one relax and takes their minds off things that are a source of stress.


Sleeping is one of the most important things. If you are not able to sleep, then there can be different reasons for it for which you can see a doctor. The doctors can recommend CBD or weed as a medicine for helping with depression, stress, and anxiety for which visit Cannawholesalers as they have some of the best deals and reasonable pricing for whatever you are looking for. 

Try not to take any electronics or books to your bed with you, get done with everything an hour before bedtime, and stretch before going to bed to fall asleep easily.

Take a break and go on vacation

Another major cause of stress is that you haven't taken a break in a very long time due to which the stress levels keep on rising every day. Stress is no joke and must be taken seriously; therefore, get off work or from your educational institutes and book a vacation for yourself. If you cannot afford a break, then take some days off and try to explore your city with a friend or a family member. 

Keep a balance between work and home

Work and home should be balanced, and when work starts to come home with a person, they are bound to be stressed. Make a schedule, follow the schedule, and make a rule to not deal with anything related to work at your home because the time spent at home is only your time that you should not spend working. 

Take out 30 minutes for yourself at the end of the day

Take out thirty minutes for yourself; you can do whatever you want in these 30 minutes and inform everyone at home not to disturb you. You can pour yourself a drink, read a book, watch a movie or a season, and sip on your drink and stare at the stars. 

Do whatever that helps you relax. Start doing this regularly, and I promise you that you will start seeing the results in no time and will find yourself less stressed. 

To sum it all up, stress is not a joke, and if it is getting out of hands, it needs to be taken seriously. If anyone around you is going through the same, make sure to get to the root and then make things easier for them, and you never know your tiniest gesture can help save them and bring them back to a healthy life. 


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