How to Survive COVID-19 Stress and Not Become a ‘Zombie’
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The latest world pandemic took us by surprise. Even though some people were already preparing for a catastrophe or disaster, nobody anticipated what followed. Quickly after the rapid spread of the virus, many countries imposed lockdown measures. This left people hopeless, helpless, stressed, and panicked. 

And it’s normal. Shops, stores, and malls are getting closed. You are not allowed to meet your friends. You need to stay in your home to limit the spread of the virus. At the same time, surviving this pandemic can be a huge source of stress for many people. Our normal lifestyle has been halted and this left us confused and not knowing what to do. 

According to one research of the research paper writing services, the COVID-19 pandemic came with stress, fear, and anxiety towards a new disease. All these negative feelings and emotions can drain your emotional state and leave you feeling like a zombie. Every human reacts differently to stress, but the one posed by a pandemic is overwhelming for everyone. 

Even though some say that the coronavirus outbreak could have ended in only 360 hours, unfortunately, this did not happen. So, we need to find ways to cope with the stress associated with this pandemic, especially because it most likely changed the way we live and socialize forever. 

So, if you are wondering how to survive the COVID-19 stress and find ways to avoid becoming a zombie, then you are in the right place. We will share with you the easiest and accessible ways to keep your sanity during these harsh times. 

The Effects of Stress 

Stress, contrary to popular beliefs, is good for ourselves. Stress helps us mobilize our resources to face an unknown situation and event. And it can help us prepare better for what is yet to come. However, stress can exist in high intensities, which makes it harder to control. And like this, stress becomes overwhelming, affects almost every domain of our lives, and increases our anxiety. 

Among the most popular negative effects of stress are insomnia, having difficulties concentrating and falling asleep, increased fear and anxiety that someone dear to you will catch the virus, substance abuse, and worsening of preexisting mental conditions. 

COVID-19 stress can turn you into a zombie. You go out only for shopping and this happens once a week. You do not meet your friends and family and you are forced to stay inside as much as possible. The time seems to pass much harder and you barely find something positive or inspiring to look up to. 

So, what should you do to survive this stress? 

Connect with Others 

Completely isolating yourself from the others might be the solution to stop the spread of the virus, but it is indeed the action that sends you in a dark place. Not having any contact with other people for a few months is not something you need to do to cope with the stress posed by this pandemic. 

In fact, social support and simply connecting with your dear ones can help you avoid becoming a zombie. Loneliness can leave you empty, unwanted, and unable to form connections with others. 

Experts who offebest essays on mental health topics advise people to remain connected with their closest ones. This does not include visits, but a virtual connection. Technology offers us the possibility to do almost everything, and we can remain connected with our friends and families even though we are far away from each other. 

Limit Your Time Spent Reading the News 

One source of your constant COVID-19 stress is watching and reading the news. No one says that you should not do this at all, as it is important to know how this pandemic evolves. But because you spend all your time inside, you might constantly find yourself watching or reading news and articles about the coronavirus. 

Limit your time spent reading the news, as constantly hearing about this subject can be upsetting and increase your stress levels. And when your stress level is high, you turn into a zombie. 

Take Care of Your Body and Mind 

Another way to fight boredom and keep your mind sane is by constantly taking care of your mind and body. This means finding activities that please you and make you take your mind off this pandemic. 

One of the best ways to relax is to meditate. It gained its momentum and now more and more people are practicing it. It is often done in combination with yoga or stretching poses, and so you keep your body and mind healthy at the same time. You need to practice meditation and yoga regularly to improve your mind and body flexibility and strength. 

Another way to take care of your body and mind and prevent becoming a zombie is to exercise regularly. You can go jogging near your home or buy sports equipment to train specific muscle groups. Exercising triggers the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones that instantly boost your mood. 

Be Prepared 

One of the things that make COVID-19 stress more intense is the pattern of thoughts that make you feel prone to catching the disease. Indeed, some group populations are more vulnerable, such as the elders, children, and people that already have medical conditions. 

Even though it spreads very rapidly, most people do not have any symptoms or have only mild ones. This allows them to recover easily, although the time spent alone in the hospital can be upsetting for some. 

So, the best thing you can do is to prepare ahead. Have an emergency kit with everything you would need to survive, such as water, food, medication, tools, and supplies. 

The hospitals are full of people and getting the right medical care might be more difficult than ever. Know where you can go if you have the symptoms and have a list of phone numbers you can use to find out more information. 

Do not start self-medicating, and instead be in touch with your doctor. And if you find stress is too overwhelming and intense for yourself, the best solution is to seek therapy or counseling. Psychotherapists can help you identify the source of your stress and panic and find healthy ways to cope with it without losing your mind in the process. 

According to expert writers from the best essay writing service UK, service on mental health topics, therapists can teach you stress coping mechanisms, such as breathing exercises and autogenic training. These are ways to relax and find your inner peace during these difficult and challenging times. 

We will most likely experience huge changes in the way we live, eat, drink, and connect with others. And all these changes can make the stress even more intense, so learning new ways to cope and control them is essential for prevention. 


Becoming a zombie after the coronavirus pandemic ends sounds plausible. The stress associated with this rapid-spreading disease is huge and it can leave you emotionally and mentally drained. 

Stress, in high intensities, can have negative effects on your body and mind, and you might have a hard time falling asleep or concentrating, as well as finding the necessary resources to cope with it. 

However, completely isolating yourself has negative effects on your mood and wellbeing, so you need to avoid this. How? By virtually connecting with your friends and family, adopting healthy habits such as practicing meditation, stretching, and exercising regularly. 

And whenever you feel yourself down and not capable of getting out, ask a therapist for help. He will help you conquer stress, manage, and handle it successfully and prevent becoming a zombie.

Written by Tiffany Harper


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