10 Austrian Travel Startups To Watch
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Whatever the season is outside, travel industry is booming worldwide. In today’s article I’m going to cover 11 innovative Austrian startups that not only revolutionize the travel industry, but help to make traveling more affordable and exciting.


TourRadar established itself as a online travel agency that specializes in group tours to over 2oo countries worldwide. TourRadar provides an engaging and interactive way to find and book group tours. The company’s website contains a large number of reviews written by travelers that can help you make a right choice. You are also given an opportunity to meet and get involved in conversation with people you are going to travel with. Furthermore, travelers can share their travel experience and post reviews of group tours on TourRadar website.

Website: http://www.tourradar.com/



Twalaba not only compares the most reliable and competitive airfare sources on the Internet for free, but helps you to find next travel destinations among your hundreds of friends on Facebook. Twalaba is a perfect travel companion that enables you to travel on budget and stay in touch with your friends and travelers.

Website: http://www.twalaba.com/


Journi app provides a remarkably easy way to record your trips. With Journi you can take notes and photos on the go. Its backup feature enables automatic backups of all trips and their storage in the cloud. Public journals available on Journi allow to explore trips of other travelers and discover useful tips while planning your next trips.

Website: https://www.journiapp.com/


My little Vienna

Do you plan your trip to Vienna? Then you should definitely visit My little Vienna website, which provides reviews of the most interesting and unusual places in the capital of Austria. Along with that, you will find out about upcoming events in Vienna, and learn more about Austrian culture, cuisine and fashion.

Website: http://www.mylittlevienna.com/index.php/en-US2/



BikeCityGuide apps were created with a purpose “to help city travelers and recreational cyclists to discover the city by bike and urge more people to get interested in cycling". At the core of the BikeCityGuide apps lies “automatic cycle route calculation” function which allows to find the most cycle-friendly route, explore the city by bike in your own way and discover new cycle paths. Currently, BikeCityGuide apps work in such countries as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.

Website: http://www.bikecityguide.org/



Eventphant apps provide a convenient and the quickest way to find events near you wherever you are in the world. Eventphant recommends events matching to you, allows to find events by category and save them in your calendar. Apps also contain detailed event information taken directly from the original website.

Website: http://www.eventphant.com/



Ulmon is a maker of CityMaps2Go – mobile apps that cover thousands of destinations worldwide. Wherever you are, you will never get lost as CityMaps2Go enable you to see your location on the map even without internet connection. Apps provide a regularly updated information on streets, attractions, hotels, local nightlife and other POIs. You are also able to get offline access to data and receive a host of travel tips and recommendations.

Website: http://www.ulmon.com/


Tripwolf is an online travel guide that provides travel information for more than 50 000 destinations worldwide. The content available on website is written by professional travel writers who explore all corners of the world, including less known and traveled paths, in order to bring an exclusive travel information to the passionate travelers.

Website: http://www.tripwolf.com/



Gone are those days when u had to spend hours waiting in the queue to get your ticket for a certain event. With just a few clicks you can get your ticket from your favorite platform to your smartphone by using Keyper. The purchased tickets are stored safely in the cloud. Moreover, Keyper app provides information about events, informs you about the fastest way to get there and shows which friends of yours are attending too.

Website: http://www.keyper.io/en/



If you plan your journey to Austria, Germany or Switzerland, then Nextstop is a must-have app in your smartphone. Nextstop provides an information service in real-time for all public transport lines in the aforementioned countries. App automatically shows you the departure times of your surrounding stations and generates map which illustrates detailed route information, including footpaths to the stations.

Website: http://www.nextstop.at/

Written by Natalie Myhalnytska





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