2023 Trends: 7 Office Design Trends Set to Take Off in the New Year

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The goal of any business owner is to create a workspace that will help attract and retain top talent, but sometimes there are so many details to consider that it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the trends most likely to be adopted by 2023 to help you get started.

1. Sustainability

Net zero buildings, biophilic design, and other innovations will bring a natural feel to the office. Sustainability is not just a fad that can be satisfied with a few pot plants here and there; it’s a way of life. Many offices for lease in Melbourne, Australia have this philosophy baked into their design, making it easy for companies to enjoy an environmentally friendly and joyful workplace experience.

2. Trendy Furniture

Office design should be inviting and collaborative, so choose furniture and technology that support your goals while keeping people comfortable. As new technology advances, traditional desks can be replaced with more tech-forward workstations, such as standing desks. Some of the most popular and comfortable office chair styles to consider include ergonomic kneeling chairs, high-back chairs, and ergonomic task chairs.

3. Goodbye Open Floor Plans

The trend is moving away from the open floor plan as it has been shown to lower employee morale while doing nothing to boost productivity. Instead, a more personalized floor plan with designated areas for each department is encouraged.

Work pods and team stations provide privacy and intimacy, allowing employees to feel safe enough to express themselves freely without creating noise pollution.

4. Natural Light

Light makes a space look and feel more expansive than it is. Natural light is particularly effective at uplifting the mood and can play a huge role in helping employees stay active and productive. In fact, research shows that exposure to natural light can improve memory and concentration. Considering light when styling an office will earn you brownie points with the team.

5. Hybrid Automation

In 2023, companies are encouraged to explore ways to incorporate smart technology into the office to streamline business processes and keep employees happy. For example, you can work more effectively when supported by smart meeting tables in your conference rooms, IoT sensors, and wireless charging tools.

6. Boardroom Designing

The boardroom is the heart of the office – it’s where teams meet for pow-wows and client presentations. Styling your boardroom to reflect your brand and company culture will give clients a clear picture of what you’re about. Setting up your boardroom in a welcoming and inviting way will also encourage those who visit to stay a while and socialize. So, provide plenty of comfy seating so visitors can drop their guard and get comfortable. 

7. Art and Nature

If you want to create a creative space, you can use art and other touches to make it inviting. Choose colors that are easy on the eyes and that stimulate creative thinking, and consider what kind of music your employees want to listen to while working.

Adding natural elements such as plants will give your office the feeling of being outdoors. Just be sure to choose art, décor, and greenery that reflect your company brand. 

A beautiful work environment is essential to keeping your team happy, healthy, and engaged. The right office design can boost employee productivity while reducing stress, burnout, and absenteeism.

As you can see from these trends, it’s all about using spaces, furniture, technology, and color to create an environment where all team members are encouraged to interact and collaborate, resulting in a more creative, productive workflow.


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