Creative Ways to Market Your Sustainable Business

market your sustainable business


While sustainability might just be a trendy buzzword for some businesses, others make eco-friendliness a fundamental part of their company culture, making real efforts to make smart and conscious decisions that benefit the planet. If that is the case with you as well, it’s only natural you might want to include this aspect of business into your marketing strategy, helping to educate your consumers and bring in a wider, more mindful audience. To help you create the best strategy, here are some creative and effective ways you could market your sustainable business.

Create a green selling point

If sustainability is a core aspect of your business, one of the most effective marketing strategies you could implement is creating a green selling point that is a part of your business strategy. Particularly if you provide eco-friendly products and services, try to include phrases such as sustainable products, recycled materials, low-energy, low-waste, and non-toxic into your marketing campaign, as long as they are actually true for your offerings. This will help to easily establish you as an environmentally conscious business, while possibly attracting a wider audience as well.

Pay attention to the branding

Making it quite evident to consumers that you are an eco-friendly business through your branding efforts is another essential aspect of marketing. Create a unique logo that clearly demonstrates your sustainability, and even decide to make the color green a big part of your branding. Then, incorporate these branding aspects into all forms of marketing, from your website and social media platforms to business cards, packaging, and other advertising material. This will allow your customers to make a clear and instant connection between you and your eco-friendly efforts, hopefully increasing their engagement with your brand as well.

Invest in digital marketing

Digital marketing is arguably the most sustainable way to advertise your business, and it might even be more affordable than most traditional marketing tactics. However, it can also prove to be quite a challenging task to complete on your own, which is why it’s always advised to hire an experienced Google Ads agency when creating an online marketing strategy. Whether it’s content management or social media advertising, such professionals will be able to offer a number of services that will efficiently increase your brand awareness and visibility, attract and engage your target audience, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately boost your revenue and success.

Choose eco-friendly packaging

Although this aspect is often overlooked, even the packaging you choose for your products can have an impact on your marketing efforts. Sustainable packaging can easily show your audience that you are a brand that cares about the environment, and it might also help with word-of-mouth marketing among your consumers. For that reason, it’s recommended to opt out of plastic and choose more eco-friendly packaging solutions such as recycled materials, paper and cardboard, reusable options, or even ‘naked packaging’ alternatives, if possible.

Collaborate with local NGOs

Another good green marketing tactic might be to support local charities, NGOs, and other organizations through sponsorships, partnerships, and donations. As your customers will likely support environmentally friendly incentives like planting trees or donating to a good cause, partnering with green organizations and clearly stating that action to your consumers can be quite beneficial. It will make your audience feel good about their purchases, possibly encouraging them to contribute even more to sustainable efforts, and it could also attract an even wider base of conscious customers, ultimately boosting your revenue without much effort.

Green campaign awareness is all about letting your consumers know you are sustainable for all the right reasons. And with the effective strategies mentioned above, you can easily demonstrate your eco-friendly practices to your customers, thus improving your marketing efforts and achieving success in the process.

Written by Diana Smith


About the Author

Diana Smith is a full time mum of two beautiful girls and is interested in sustainability, ecology and home improvement. She enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. You can find her on Twitter here.


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