24 Israeli Startups That Create Innovative Solutions in Healthcare and Nutrition Industry
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Israel is considered to be a pioneer in healthcare innovations and advances in medical technology. According to the article written by Dr. Rachelle H.B. Fishman, “There is virtually no area of medicine to which Israeli devices have not made significant contributions - cardiology, genetics, neurology and ophthalmology are but a few of the sciences benefiting from advanced Israeli technology. Israeli scientists, universities and companies are working to benefit the global health system - from physician to patient to medical administrators and insurers.”


In addition, Israel is also a home to successful startups that operate in fitness and nutrition industry. And it’s not surprising since most Israelis love sports and prefer to maintain an active lifestyle. What’s more, according to research published in The Lancet Global Health journal, Israel is also a country with one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.


I decided to explore Israeli startup scene and paid a special attention to startups that leverage technology to create innovative solutions in healthcare and nutrition industry.  


Here is the list:


Angel Sensor

Angel Sensor is a wearable wristband that monitors heart rate, temperature, activity, steps, etc. The data it provides can be used to inform your lifestyle choices, improve your health and fitness results. In addition, Angel Sensor is also an open platform for mobile health developers.



SleepASAP’s mission is to provide each individual with a tailored sleep solution. Its innovative app sends sleep strugglers a preliminary diagnosis of their sleep profile, SleepDNA, which is a combination of their personality profile and sleep symptoms. Based on user feedback and crowdsourced data, SleepASAP system generates a wide range of therapies. Users are able to find the best personalized therapy to fight insomnia. 


Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra Medical Vision is the next generation medical research data platform. It gives researchers access to millions of anonymous, indexed clinical records, with the aim of accelerating scientific discovery. Its analytics platform delivers automated algorithms and clinical insight decision support tools in a SaaS based model to healthcare institutions.



MobileODT has developed Eva System - tool used to support cervical cancer screening and treatment services to women at all levels ‚Äčof care worldwide. MobileODT also aims to create products to detect cancers affecting oral, anal, and dermatological tissue as well.



PharmPool has developed a mobile app MedsKeeper that helps patients relieve safety concerns and gain a better understanding of efficiency of the drugs. The app sends people reminders to take their prescribed drugs along with intake instructions and automated triggers to record their symptoms. PharmPool also accumulates valuable information for pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies.


Vecoy Nanomedicines

Vecoy Nanomedicines has developed a novel way to fight viruses and advance the care of patients suffering from life-threatening viral infections. Its technology will fundamentally change the treatment of viral infections by administering novel nano-scale virus-traps that capture and destroy viruses.



BitBite has developed technology that helps people to eat healthier and lose weight. A tiny wearable BitBite, worn in the ear during meal time, tracks, analyzes and changes the way you eat. Using sound analysis and pattern recognition, it monitors and analyzes how quickly you consume food and motivates you to eat slowly.



Ray has created smartphone devices and apps designed for visually impaired people enabling them to gain access to highly advanced features on a smartphone with just their touch and sound.



SCiO  is the world's first affordable molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand that allows to analyze food, plants, and medications. With SCiO you will be able to gain such information as nutritional facts about different kinds of food, know the well-being of popular plants, identify capsules containing medicine and nutritional supplements, etc.



PerSimio develops Simfini, a SAAS simulation tool that provides unique patient-specific bone analysis and prediction of the risk of fracture, and selects an orthopedic implant for optimal fit. It created 3 products that target the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of diseases (including osteoporosis and metastatic tumors) and injury conditions that weaken the bone, to optimize treatment and thereby improve outcome at reduced cost.



Mediagno has developed a medical micro-services market where users can buy and sell different health related services.


Fidmi Medical

Fidmi Medical has developed a novel enteral feeding device for people who can’t take food orally to receive nutrition and medication.



Sesame is a touch-free smartphone - powered by Voice-Control and Computer-Vision technologies - created for people with disabilities. Users can control the smartphone by moving their head.



Fitness22 develops fitness and productivity apps to help you get in shape. Fitness22 community has already exceeded 30 million members.



Nutrino is a mobile app that scientifically determines the best food for you based on your lifestyle. The app allows you to plan your meal based on your biochemistry, dietary needs, health and fitness goals. You can also connect your wearable device to Nutrino to get even more accurate recommendations based on your device's data.



Endobetix is developing a minimally invasive, nonsurgical implant for the treatment of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and obesity. The implanted device causes changes in hormonal balance and induces the release of key hormones such as GLP-1 to improve glucose tolerance and reduce fat absorption.



SleepRate is on mission to help millions of people achieve Sleep-Life Balance and reach their peak mental and physical potential. SleepRate has developed a Sleep-Life Balance Program - a personalized, step-by-step  program that helps improve mental and physical performance by “rebooting” your sleep system. The Sleep-Life Balance Program is administered via a smartphone that communicates with a heart rate sensor. Its core technology utilizes behavioral sleep medicine practices developed and implemented at Stanford University’s Behavioral Sleep Division.


Oxitone Medical

Oxitone Medical has developed Oxitone watch, the world’s first wrist pulse oximeter without a fingertip probe enabling comfortable, remote and continuous monitoring of patient’s blood oxygen level, pulse rate, bit-to-bit variation and activity anytime, anywhere. Oxitone watch also alerts caregivers in emergency situations to help facilitate early clinical responses.



Doctome is providing an accessible, affordable and professional telemedicine service which allows people around the globe to consult a caregiver in their own language by video and chat anytime, anywhere.



Hervana has developed a groundbreaking non-hormonal contraceptive technology that is highly effective, long-lasting and offers protection against STD infections.


Eybna Technologies

Eybna’s mission is to bring  the benefits of cannabis to more patients, by isolating the medicinal properties found in different strains and providing cannabis medicine that is tailored to treat specific medical conditions.


Nano Retina

Nano Retina operates with a mission to restore vision to blind people using advanced nanotechnology. Nano Retina develops products that will help people to gain functional vision mainly by effectively replacing the natural function of their diseased retina with sophisticated artificial retina technology that mimics the natural physiological processes as much as possible.



Telesofia enables patient education and engagement with personalized patient videos, accessible on any device. Telesofia offers drug information service that automatically generates personalized medication videos for 5000+ medication products. Its  short, personalized, medication videos speak directly to patients about the specific drug they are taking. They present only relevant information in order to encourage action and improve understanding. Each video is tailored specifically to the patients' demographics and prescription.


Via Surgical

Via Surgical is developing a cartridge-based hernia repair device. Its first product is FasTouch, which  with its lightweight deployable sutures, provides a comprehensive fixation solution for hernia repair. Among the company’s plans is to provide surgeons with a variety of cartridge offerings to meet  various clinical applications and surgeon preferences.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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