25 Dutch Startups to Keep an Eye on in 2016
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Dutch startup scene is one of the most thriving and innovative startup scenes in Europe.  It consists of over 10 innovation hubs including Amsterdam which made it to the list of the world’s top 20 startup ecosystems in 2015. Such successful Dutch startups as 3D Hubs, Adyen, WeTransfer and Booking.com have already become great examples for many aspiring entrepreneurs both locally and globally. What’s more, the number of innovative startups in the Netherlands only keeps growing with each new year.


Magazine MN handpicked 25 startups from the Netherlands you need to pay attention to in 2016.


Dutch Candy Box

Dutch Candy Box is a monthly subscription box service that delivers the best treats of original Dutch quality right to your doorstep. Dutch Candy Box ships worldwide.



BimBimBikes is a platform that connects bike renters with bike rental companies in over 40 countries wordwide.


Bohemian Birds

Bohemian Birds is an unusual travel platform. It’s a global travel and inspiration platform aimed for people who want to empty their bucket list. Bohemian Birds’ community has already reached over 10,000 people across 7 continents.



Withlocals is a platform that connects local people with travelers through food and experiences. On Withlocals local people offer tours, dining activities, opportunities to learn skills.



Roomlr is a platform that allows to search, compare and book holiday homes and apartments in 192 countries.



MeetJune is a platform and a global community where people can list, discover and book unique and affordable travel experiences via meals, stays and activities. Currently, the platform features such destinations as Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and Istanbul. MeetJune aims to expand globally.



PaperFlies is a platform where you can search, compare and instantly book the best flight for your trip.



Boatsters is a platform that connects boat owners and renters in a safe and reliable way. On boatsters.com, boat owners can also join the community to discover insider tips from local boat owners and get to know other boating enthusiasts.



Homey is a speech-controlled home automation. Homey device wirelessly connects to home appliances, entertainment systems and other devices within your house and controls them.



Treatwell is a platform where you can book beauty, styling and wellness appointment online. Currently, Treatwell operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.



Peerby is a location-based app where borrowers of household items connect with lenders. Peerby enables borrowers to borrow item within 30 minutes.


The Next Closet

The Next Closet is a platform where you can sell your pre-owned designer fashion or buy clothes from other people.



TeachnGo is a Student Management System for trainers, tutors and teaching business owners.



StuDocu is a platform where students from around the globe share their free study resources and guides, lecture notes, summaries and exams.



Stuvia is a marketplace where students can buy and sell study guides, resources, summaries and notes.



Earlydoc is an early symptoms checker which explains possible diagnosis, whether complaints are serious, what you can do yourself to get better and whether you need to see a doctor.



grwo provides solution that helps companies increase employee’s productivity, engagement, churn and loyalty.



Human is an app that motivates and inspires people to be more active.



inSided developed Europe’s leading community engagement technology that reinvents the way companies connect and communicate with customers online.



Conversify provides a complete set of tools and plugins that help e-commerce businesses increase the conversion with the help of smart persuasion.



Konnektid is a platform that connects you with people in your neighborhood that can teach you valuable skills.



Bunq app allows to easily split payments among your friends, send payments to your friends or request money. Whether you plan a night out or a trip you can easily set the budget, split the bill among friends, pay/request money using Bunq app.



Starred is a customer feedback tool that helps companies collect the right insights and increase customer loyalty.



Otly!’s mission is to help parents teach their children the value of money. Otly! gives children an access to their digital money and provides the means to manage their finances and teach them such concepts as the value of savings, wealth distribution and financial independence to name a few.



Informizely is an unobtrusive survey tool that helps businesses get actionable insights from website visitors in minutes. Informizely can be used by startups, publishers, e-commerce businesses.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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