3 Eco-Friendly Hair Loss Remedies
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eco-friendly hair loss remedies


Are you experiencing a hair problem such as hair loss? If the answer is yes, then worry less. Read through this article because your solution is right here. 

First of all, you should know that hair loss is a natural experience prevalent globally regardless of age, gender, or race. The good thing is that numerous studies have been conducted and the results are encouraging. Various hair treatment solutions have been discovered — the main remedies, including things like diet, eco-friendly treatments, and chemical-based medications. However, dermatologists highly recommend a more natural approach.

Losing hair is mostly attributed to hormonal problems, genetic issues, anxiety, and stress. The eco-friendly remedies can perfectly correct hair loss problems while protecting the environment and protecting you from the side effects associated with the chemical medications.

Here are 3 eco-friendly hair loss remedies that will help you treat your hair problem.

Laser technology

Studies that have been conducted recently have shown promising results from the use of laser technology. Typically, laser technology remedy implies using Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to help people reverse the processes that led to hair loss. An excellent example of the LLLT remedies is a laser cap. This is a worn daily cap for just 30 minutes, after which it automatically turns off. The cap can be worn anywhere at any time. Backed up by the most recent technological inventions, LLLT is becoming more popular in hair loss treatment in the developed world. The low-level light therapy method utilizes photons, which are irradiated into scalp tissues and absorbed by weak cells to encourage hair growth. This also results in increased blood flow to the scalp, which in turn increases growth to the hair follicles. This remedy is not linked to any particular side effects, and numerous dermatologists even recommend it. Additionally, clinical studies have shown that laser caps have a 93% success rate, besides the majority of the people who have tried it acknowledge its effectiveness. Eco-friendly remedies such as LLLT’s are an effective hair loss remedy for both men and women of any age who wish to regain their hair painlessly while also protecting our beautiful environment.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a popular natural remedy for both hair and skin problems, it is very rich in enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth. Dermatologist states that Aloe Vera can induce hair growth when used by applying its juice on your scalp and taking one teaspoon while on an empty stomach. 

Aloe Vera is effective because it removes from your scalp the dead cells that happen to clog the hair roots underneath your skin. Aloe Vera contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that fight against bacteria keeping the scalp free from diseases that inhibit hair growth. 

Additionally, Aloe Vera also helps restore your scalp’s pH balance, therefore promoting the growth of healthy hair. When Aloe Vera is mixed with castor seeds oil and applied on your scalp, it enhances your blood circulation. The good thing is that Aloe Vera is readily available, you can check it at your local store, and you will get it as an ointment or gel. Otherwise, you can use raw Aloe Vera directly from the farm.

Egg white and curd paste

This last remedy is a home-made trick, it may sound like the grossest remedy, but egg white and curd are among the best hair loss preventers in various parts worldwide. Eggs contain lots of Sulphur, which is an essential nutrient for healthier and stronger hair. Sulfur present in eggs helps in promoting the production of keratin and collagen, enzymes that prevent dandruff. You can use this simple and cheap remedy to try to reverse your hair loss problem. Just take two eggs and get their whites in a bowl, add two tablespoons of fresh curd or yogurt. To enhance its effectiveness, add Neem powder, mix thoroughly, and apply it to your scalp repetitively. 

With all these eco-friendly hair remedies and products, it shouldn’t be difficult to reverse your hair loss problems while practicing a lifestyle that cares for the planet. So, go ahead and try these remedies as soon as possible. We should stop waiting for our lives to improve – instead we should start doing the necessary things to enhance our lives. I also hope that it has helped you find a natural hair loss remedy that is the solution to your problem.


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