Olive Leaf Extract vs. Olive Oil: What’s the Difference and Which Has a Better Effect?
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olive oil and olive leaf extract


People following a Mediterranean diet are known to live a rather healthy and long life. And one of the biggest staples of this diet is none other than olive oil. But it’s not only the oil produced from olives that’s rich in nutrients; every single part of the olive tree has a concentration of different nutrients that can be very beneficial for human health. As such, the olive leaf extract is known to contain oleuropein, a component that has very powerful antioxidant properties.

The Difference Between Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Extract

The main difference between olive oil and olive leaf extract has to do with their source of origin. Namely, the olive leaf extract is obtained from the olive tree leaves while olive oil is extracted from the olive fruit. Consuming olives in your diet can be very healthy, but the amount of nutrients and vitamins is far from the concentration present before the olive goes through various processes and treatments.  

Essentially, these processes and treatments required for the journey from harvesting olives to serving them on the table can considerably strip the fruit from the powerful oleuropein. And if the said refinement is present before the fruit is used for extracting the oil, the amount of oleuropein is reduced even more. This is precisely why it’s recommended to look for extra virgin olive oil instead of the refined/purified ones.

When it comes to improving one’s health and considering the best sort of supplement in this regard, a no-fuss olive leaf extract can provide much-needed peace of mind. After all, there’s no refinement involved in the process of extraction. What’s more, the olive tree leaves are naturally richer in oleuropein, which only makes the health benefits of the supplement more effective.

How Does Oleuropein Compare?

When we’re discussing the health benefits of olive leaf extract vs olive oil, it’s important to mention that the majority of their benefits are the same. That said, the difference is not in what either olive leaf extract or olive oil can provide you with, but how well they can provide you with the said benefits. It’s all about the oleuropein levels. While it may be true that oleuropein has a bitter and not very pleasant taste, the taste of olive leaves only shows a higher concentration of it. In that sense, the olive leaf extract is richer in oleuropein, which allows for faster and more efficient health impact.

Benefits of Oleuropein in Olive Leaf Extract

As mentioned, both olive oil and olive leaf extract share almost the same benefits, but a higher dose of oleuropein entails higher benefit levels. As such, oleuropein is known to reduce blood pressure significantly, improve cardiovascular health, boost cognitive function, memory, and brain health, fight against bacterial infections, and even reduce the risk of cancerous cell growth. In that respect, you can’t go wrong by incorporating olive leaf extract into your daily routine. The effort is rather small compared to the well-being and wellness results.

Why Olive Leaf Extract Over Olive Oil?

Keep in mind that olive oil is still very beneficial for one’s health. It’s not a question of which one is good and which one is just so-so. Both olive oil and olive leaf extract are amazing; it’s just that olive leaf extract also has some extra qualities to it. Thanks to the power behind the abundance of oleuropein in olive leaf extract, the health benefits can end up being more notable compared to just taking olive oil. But the benefits will still show. Still, if you’re looking for a recommendation for the best supplement in this regard, the answer is bound to be olive leaf extract. It might have won the race for an arms-length, but it’s still the winner.

Before you start taking any new supplement, even if it’s natural such as olive oil or olive leaf extract, it’s crucial that you talk to your doctor about it first. That way you can also discuss the best possible dosage for you, the schedule, as well as work your way around a healthier diet when it comes to supplements. 


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