4 Key Facts You Must Understand About Herb Kratom
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In the past several years, kratom reached western countries, and the use of this herb exploded. It came from Southeast Asia, where it has been used traditionally for centuries. But there are many opposing views about this plant. 

Some say that it’s a drug, while others see it as a cure. One side claims that it’s addictive while the other says you can’t get addicted at all. But what is the truth? Well, like always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. 

To help you navigate through the kratom world, we’ve decided to list four essential facts about this herb. There is a lot of misinformation online, and you can’t afford to be misguided when using something that affects your body chemistry. 

It Can Be Addictive if Not Used Properly 

When you read online about people’s experiences with kratom, you will rarely see negative stories. Many people praise it for its health benefits and effects that help them deal with their issues. However, if you take too much kratom, you can easily harm your body or your mind. 

There isn’t still any solid scientific proof that shows how kratom can harm you if abused. Kratom contains alkaloids that work similarly to opioids and bind to brain receptors. Because of this, they can lead to addiction with receptors acting similarly like with addictive drugs. 

Simply put, if used excessively for a longer period, it can lead to addiction. However, if people use it with recommended doses, they won’t get addicted. Bulk Kratom Now, its Products Are Available online

There are (Obvious) Signs of Addiction 

Lots of people say that kratom isn’t addictive. They aren’t saying this because they want to lie on purpose but are talking from their own experience. Kratom comes in many different forms and various strains. Furthermore, they use it properly with a mild dosage and don’t practice self-dosing. 

Some people have been addicted to kratom and went through a whole withdrawal period. Some of the most common signs of kratom withdrawal are: 

  • Irritation 
  • Pain
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Angry behavior
  • Constant mood changes 
  • Runny nose 

At the same time, people have different tolerance levels to substances. If someone can get a mild dosage to get all the desired effects, it doesn’t mean it will work the same for another person. It’s important to test the strains and start with the recommended dosage. 

It Has a Lot of Positive Effects 

Kratom strains come in different strengths, so not all the products are the same. It’s important to remember this because dosages need to be adjusted according to the strain’s potency. Kratom has direct effects on brain functions giving general calming effects. 

The person feels happy, relaxed, and in a general state of well-being. Here are some general dosages and how they affect users: 

1g to 5g 

A low dosage leads to increased alertness, more energy, and appetite reduction. That’s why some people use it when they are on a diet to increase energy while eating less food. 

5g to 10g

A moderate dosage leads to relaxing effects. The user’s mind is relaxed and calm. At the same time, the sedative effects start to work, and users feel less pain overall. 

10g to 15g

Higher doses can cause complete pain shut down and numbness. That’s because the body absorbs enough Mitragynine found in kratom for its effects to kick in. In general, higher doses are used by people who suffer from chronic pain and need to relax. 

Kratom Isn’t an Opiate 

One of the most common misconceptions about kratom is that it’s an opiate substance. Kratom has two important compounds, including 7-a hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. These compounds are the main reason for these effects. 

They interact with the same receptors that opioids effect, leading to reduced pain, pleasure, relaxation, and alertness. There still isn’t enough research on kratom, but it’s known how it interacts with opioid receptors differently than common opioids. 

That’s why it doesn’t lead to addiction when used in normal doses. In fact, due to this unique effect, there is potential for kratom being used as a replacement for addictive substances. It can be used to fight opioid addiction like heroin

Bottom Line 

The points outlined above are all the essential factual information available about kratom at the moment. It can be very beneficial in some cases, but the side effects haven’t been researched well enough for it to go mainstream. However, with kratom becoming more popular, more clinical studies are coming out each year. 


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