4 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying Organic Right Now
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When you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, there are three types of videos that are guaranteed to make you cry: really sappy engagement videos, depressing dog videos, and sad environment videos.


Chances are, when you scroll one of the first two videos, you congratulate the happy couple and donate a dollar or two to the local humane society. However, what do you do when you scroll by the third video - the one with the clogged oceans and smoggy skies? Do you click the share button to spread awareness? Or maybe even donate to whatever page or cause that are being promoted in the video? If you’re spending your money and time being generally concerned for the environment, then there’s good news because there’s a better way to help the planet, and if you do it right, you won’t have to spend any more money.


And if you’re still looking to spread awareness, share this article because you and all of your friends who care about the planet should be buying organic.


It wasn’t so long ago that people didn’t even know what ‘buying organic’ meant, much less where or how to do so and what the benefits were. If you (or your parents) knew someone who did buy organic, chances are you also thought they were a bit of a hippy.


In 2019, however, not only has it never been easier to buy organic, but it’s also never been so important too. “On average, we’ve seen an astonishing 60% decline in the size of populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians in just over 40 years,” (WWF, 2018). This small snippet of what’s happening to the population of animals is just one result of a declining planet. The cause is overhunting, overfishing, and over and unethical farming. While this is by no means the only cause, the pesticides and hormones used in non-organic farming results in poorer soil, chemical run-off, and the need for more and more farmable land, which destroys the natural habitat of the animals that inhabit that land or swim in that ocean.


So, other than the major ‘save-the-planet’ reason, why should you be buying organic?


It’s more sustainable for the long term

The reality is that changes to the environment happen over massive spans of time: that’s part of the reason that we’re just now starting to see the effects of the past 200 years of human progress. The reality is that the world may be beautiful now, but studies have shown that it won’t be like that for your grandkids (or your granddogs). Furthermore, while slightly less researched, studies have also shown that the rate of decline of the planet is actually speeding up. So if you’re under the guise of “it won’t affect me and I’m not having kids”, chances are, it actually will begin to affect you, even as soon as 2050. As it is, the rising ocean levels, higher temperatures, and increasingly devastating natural disasters are affecting many people today and are a result of global warming and climate change.


It supports local farmers

Organic food lacks pesticides, while harmful to the environment and humans, pesticides also unnaturally extend the freshness of your fruits and vegetables; because of this fruits and vegetables are able to stay fresh longer, they’re also able to travel longer distances. This means that massive farms on one coast can sell all of their fruits and vegetables to pretty much anywhere they can ship it to.


By buying organic, you’re going to be buying local as organic fruits and vegetables can’t stay fresh as long and therefore can’t travel as far. Grocers that stock organic are more than likely to buy local. Supporting local farmers keeps money circulating within your community, which is great for the local economy, and eventually, for your own pocket.


It’s easier and more available than ever before

As mentioned above, just a few years ago, you wouldn’t have known what organic was, much less been able to buy it regularly or at your local grocery store. However, today, you can find organic fruits, vegetables, meat, and a variety of other products at nearly any grocery store that you go to. Usually, they have both organic and non-organic options and buying organic is just as easy as choosing frosted wheat-thins over captain crunch.


In addition to the majority of groceries stocking organic options, stores and products of every kind now have placed a high priority on creating organic products. You can find organic options in pretty much any product you could need. They even have organic toothbrushes and CBD oil. Between buying organic fresh foods in local groceries and markets and the beauty of amazon two-day shipping, it’s just as easy to buy organic as it is non-organic in today’s world.


It’s healthier for the planet, but it’s also healthier for you

While pesticides and artificial hormones definitely don’t benefit the planet, they also don’t benefit your body (or mental health) either. Pesticides have been linked with a variety of maladies, as well as being known to generally weaken your immune system, and artificial hormones mess with your own internal, natural hormones. For example, while artificial hormones can have extremely detrimental effects on the natural hormones that control and affect your mental health, they also can affect something as simple or as trivial as a pimple on your face, meaning they can multiply it. Cystic and hormonal acne has been linked directly to artificial hormones and dermatologists have even started suggesting young people afflicted with hormonal acne to change their diet to avoid foods affected with artificial growth hormones.


While the reasons you should be buying organic are quite serious, it’s also important to note that it might not be easy for everyone to buy organic 100% of the time. The point is that when you can, you should. It might not be an easy switch for you to make jumping right in, however, starting little by little can ease you into it, and little by little, you’ll be helping the planet.

Written by Mollie Wilson



About the Author

Mollie Wilson is a freelance writer from North Carolina. When she is not writing, she is perusing an adventures life- backpacking, climbing, exploring local coffee shops, and traveling.



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