Top 4 Reasons to Go Organic
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Organic food has become more than just a trend. People choose to buy it despite its higher prices and want to know more about what they can get out of it. There are much broader benefits to choosing organic food than we know – not only is it good for our health, but this type of food also helps our planet and keeps it safe for our future.


It helps us to avoid chemicals and pesticides

Environmental protection agency (EPA) made some progress in reducing the number of pesticides in our food by canceling some which have been used in the food industry. This led to evaluating every pesticide and finding out how they influence people, especially children. Controlling what goes into our meals is crucial so that everyone can learn more about chemicals in food and what they can cause. Learning more about health effects and products we use every day can help us avoid food that is grown with the use of unsafe chemicals and turn us to healthier choices. Choosing organic food means you won't be eating food that contains harmful hormones and pesticides.


It improves the soil

Healthy soil is the base of organic farms and being toxin-free. It’s the perfect place to grow food. Organic farming is an alternative agricultural method which continues to develop as we learn how to use organic methods in order to produce foods with great nutritional value. Not only does this type of farming improve our food, but it also has a positive impact on air quality. Even though it sounds strange, soil erosion is being downsized by the growth of natural ways of farming, and this minimizes the amount of dust in the air.



It tastes better

Organically grown food has more nutritional values than the non-organic alternative. The conventional food contains pesticides and these can sometimes influence the taste. High levels of sugar are just one of the bad products of synthetic fertilizers which make fruit sweet and tasty at the first bite, but if you actually take a second and think about this, you’ll find that that’s not good for your dieting regime.


Because it has no chemicals to keep the insects away, organically grown food produces a compound that replaces all toxic chemicals. What comes out of that are antioxidants which are something we all need. The taste is also enhanced by this ingredient, which our senses can easily detect. You need to know how to preserve that taste and learn how to keep your food fresh as long as possible. Opt for quality Electrolux appliances in order to store your organic food and spread the word about its health benefits.




It is good for our future

Being in harmony with nature keeps our ecosystem preserved. Organic farmers use fewer fuels than big manufacturers, saving natural energy resources and reducing problems with global warming and its impact. By avoiding the use of hormones and pesticides, they eliminate soil and water contamination and create a safe place to grow natural food.


Natural farming methods have a great impact on conserving biodiversity. This plays a vital role in the life cycle of species by preventing one to jeopardize the other. Although this is a slow process, organic farms play their part by increasing the amount of healthy soil. This results in less harmful chemicals in the fields and a safer environment for our children. Because products are mainly locally distributed, less fuel is being used to deliver them and ecological gain from that is priceless.


Eco-awareness has brought many advantages and improvements into our lives and by becoming a trend, it turned out to be high on our priority list.


Whether we choose to grow our own food or buy it packed in small lunch-sized packages, being conscious about our healthy and unhealthy habits is an important step in improving our environment. With more and more people turning to this lifestyle, we can expect greater results in the future.

Guest post by Emma B. Joyce



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