5 Affordable Smart Home Devices for a Better Night’s Sleep
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Even in a digital age, a lot of people still have the notion that all smart home devices are expensive and only those who are well-off can afford one.


Smart home devices are also generalized as difficult to install and use. However, the underlying question is, are these for real?


According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), smart home devices are not just for the luxury market. Even homeowners with an annual income of $50,000-$100,000 are now keeping up with the times. In fact, 70% of homeowners who already own a smart home device plan to buy another one.


Besides being affordable, most smart home devices sold today are also wireless and battery-operated that’s why they’re easy to install and can function even without electricity.


Moreover, you don’t need to be tech-savvy just to operate one as these devices are actually user-friendly. Most smart home devices today come with a mobile application. Just install the app in your phone, tablet or laptop, and there you have it - a portable control panel! With just one click, you can switch it on and off, or adjust its settings anytime, anywhere.


Considering all the facts mentioned above, we have picked out five smart home devices under $100 that will make getting a good night’s sleep and waking up the next day easier.


Environment monitor

Environment monitoring devices use sensors to check various environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality, and noise levels.


For less than $40, you will be able to adjust your room thermostat to the ideal sleeping temperature which is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, you will also be able to check if your room/home is properly ventilated and quiet enough to get yourself a good night’s sleep.


Smart light

Whether you like reading yourself before sleep or you just want to go straight to your bed after a busy day at work, a smart light is perfect for you.


For less than $40, you can already switch off the lights without getting up from your bed. Just tell Amazon’s Alexa or Google to do so. However, if you want to sleep with the lights on, you can dim it so that it’s not too bright to disrupt your sleep.



Motorized curtain

Just like smart lights, motorized curtains can also be controlled through voice command, that’s why there’s no need for you to get up from bed just to tug and pull the curtains.


You can also control it anytime and anywhere through installing the curtain app in your phone, in case you forgot to pull it down after leaving the house. Imagine all that convenience only costing you less than $90. Awesome, right?


Smart pillow

For as low as $25, you can already track how many times you got up because of disruption or toss and turn while trying to sleep. Some smart pillows can also track how often you snore or sleep talk, which can help you determine whether you have a sleeping disorder or not.


Most smart pillows also have various audio options such as audiobooks, music, and custom alarm tones that you can use to hear your favorite story (when you’re too exhausted to read a book) or play relaxing music to help you sleep. Plus, no need for noisy alarm clocks. You can play whatever tune you want to help yourself rise and shine!


Smart oral health monitor

Speaking of waking up, you probably check your breath first thing in the morning. But did you know that knowing its smell is not enough? The odor isn’t the only thing that you should be concerned about; it’s the bacteria build-up. Bacteria build-up is not solely related to halitosis (bad breath), it’s also related to gingivitis and bleeding gums.


For less than $70, you can already detect if you have harmful bacteria inside your mouth and if you already need to see your dentist. Smart oral health monitoring devices can also be synced with iOS and Android applications. That’s how you can record your breath’s daily condition and show the data to your dentist for review.

Guest post by Rithu Mitha



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Rithu Mitha is a young entrepreneur who co-founded Digipasar - a startup that aims to enhance people’s lives with the best use of smart technology and innovations. Her passion for design and eye for details make her strongly believe that even small things can make a big difference in what we see. This belief drives her and gives her best in whatever she does. Find out more on her LinkedIn and check out their TechYourSpace platform!



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