Some Excellent Remedies to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
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In the recent era of pollution and contamination in the surroundings, a large number of people are suffering from eye-related issues. However, we can’t only blame the environment condition for our blur eye vision; rather our diet, lifestyle, and day-to-day activities play a significant role in influencing our eyes.


So do you want to improve your eyesight without undergoing a surgery or wearing a corrective lens? Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.


Here are some home-based natural eye remedies that can help you gain better eyesight.


1. Perform eye exercises to improve your eyesight

Unlike those tricky push-ups, eye exercises are quite effortless to practice. All that you need is an object and a proper focus. Here are some common exercises you can practice every day:


Pencil Pushups

Get a pencil and draw a mark on the center of the same. In order to practice pencil pushups, you’ll have to concentrate on the pencil and the mark as it moves forward and backward. The exercise is especially beneficial for the people dealing with crossed eye or double vision issues. The therapy is easy-to-practice, painless, and only requires concentration of your eyes.


Here’s how to perform it:


  • Keep your pencil before your face, following arm’s length: you should aim to hold the pencil vertically to let the eraser face the roof of your building.
  • Let both your eyes concentrate on the dot you have marked in the pencil. (Don’t go ahead unless both your eyes are firmly focused).
  • Bring the pencil closer to your eyes following the same direction. Note that this step would entail more focus. Let the pencil come near to your face unless you spot two pencils.
  • Once you spot two pencils, either shut your eyes or divert your sight to some other objects present in the room (don’t move the pencil).
  • Once you’ve taken a break of a minute, get back to your position, open your eyes, and see if still, you observe two pencils. In the case of similar vision, shut your eyes for some seconds and calm the same.


Pencil push-ups are perhaps one of the best natural home-based therapies that could ramp up your vision and boost your focus within a short period provided that you practice it at least twice a day.


2. Improve your dietary changes

Apart from focus exercises, it is equally essential to modify your dietary routine and integrate the supplements that improve your eye health. Though just following a specific diet plan won’t help you get your desired vision, it can provide the essential nutrients to the same. Green veggies, omega-3 fatty acids, Citrus fruits and juices, Vitamin A and C supplements can improve your eyesight to a great extent.


3. Stop smoking

Are you addicted to cigarette smoking? It is worth noting that apart from spoiling your physical health, this particular habit has proven to cause several eye-related disorders especially cataract. If you find it troublesome to quit smoking, you can seek the assistance of a psychiatrist.


4. Avoid eye straining activities

In today’s era, a majority of people spend most of their time sitting in front of the television or playing a plethora of mobile games. As a result, your eyes get stressed and feel exhausted causing the improper vision. Hence, it is highly recommended to avoid such activities.



Of course, everyone craves a clear vision but sitting at home and praying to get good eyesight won’t help you improve the same. Instead, you should aim to follow a healthy routine to boost your vision. Moreover, it is equally essential to pay a visit to an eye specialist at least once a month or two to conduct regular eye checkup. You should also buy monthly contact lenses. So follow the listed steps and get better eyesight. Good Luck!

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