5 Beauty Habits to Adopt for a Fresh Face
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Our faces are the first part of the body which other people notice. Therefore, we want to maintain it looking fresh and beautiful all the time. What determines a clean, fresh, beautiful face and ones which are not fresh is the kind of beauty habits one follows. Beauty hacks depend on the kind of skin, so you should know what works for your skin to stay fresh and beautiful at all times.


Use the right cleanser for your skin

You might find one person’s skin glowing after using a certain cleanser, but you should know that not everybody’s skin reacts to some products in the same way. Oily skin might be prone to acne which could necessitate the use of cleansers which contain salicylic gel and benzoyl peroxide. Dry skin, on the other hand, will require the use of moisturizing products that contain ingredients such as milky cleansers. Spotted skin might need to be cleansed by products that contain alpha hydroxyl acid cleansers which tone your skin evenly.


You should remember that using a lot of products on your face might result in product build-up that leads to clogged pores and other skin impairments. For instance, using one or two products from any reliable company for teen acne might work for all kinds of skins as the skin breathes effortlessly. You might wish to experiment with new products in the market that are overhyped but remember to look at their ingredients before applying them on your face.


Your skin needs regular exfoliation

Many people say that exfoliating looks like a chore; this should not hinder you from getting a very smooth skin that radiates beauty. Exfoliation helps you to remove dead skin that would stick to your skin. Exfoliating helps you to renew the complexion of your skin; this should be done regularly once a week and the products used should be with a neural PH to avoid issues such as drying of the skin.


When the skin is exfoliated, it remains exposed to environmental irritants. To avoid this, you should regularly moisturize early in the morning and late in the evening. Moisturizers are a cure for all the needs of the skin including dryness. Therefore using the right moisturizer is essential for any skin. Your skin will absorb the moisturizers soon after your shower as some ingredients dissolve in the moisture already on your skin. Remember also to apply facial cream before you sleep as it restores the skin at night, cushioning it against environmental irritants.


beauty tips


You should apply sunscreen all the times

You might think that sunscreen is only effective during the summer periods, but you would be surprised that the sun can damage our skin even during cloudy times. The UV rays are known to penetrate through the clouds in winter, causing damage to your skin. You should, therefore, apply sunscreen at all times, this means that even during winter morning jogs you should be wearing your sunscreen. The cost of neglecting application of sunscreen includes the growth of wrinkles on your face and other parts of the body.


Moreover, exposed to UV rays could cause other skin complications such as cancer of the skin. You might think of reapplying sunscreen throughout the day for maximum protection. During the summer times, you should, however, accessorize by wearing hats and sunglasses to avoid too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays.


The sun might not be the only enemy of your skin; exposing yourself to any heat might damage your beautiful skin too. The skin responds to heat damage by breakouts, and irritations that gradually break down the collagen in your skin leading to rapid development of wrinkles. Therefore, you should always protect your skin from heat damage.


Avoid touching your face

You might have the best skin care routine, but as long as you keep touching your face, you might fail to attain beautiful facial skin. Resist touching your face as you might be introducing irritant that damages your already smooth face and contribute towards the development of skin wrinkles. Bacteria will find its way to your hands no matter how much you wash them; this could infect your skin with acne or even make you catch the flu. Do not let others touch your face as they introduce this irritant to your face as well.


Remember to always hydrate

Hydrating is not only useful for your body functioning, but it also promotes beautiful skin. Café-based fluids, however, inhibit the benefits of hydration. Chlorophyll-based brews cure morning puffiness, hydrate and oxygenate your skin. It will brighten your skin and make you look energetic and fresh as it impacts your lymphatic system. Hydration also reduces cellulite formation. You can get the benefits of clear skin by drinking adequate water; moreover, some cleansing products that are water-based can help you achieve smooth skin.

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