5 Beauty Treatments That Are Worth the Money
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Let’s take a moment to express our overwhelming gratitude to the latest tech and medical innovations that have enabled us to carve our own beauty just the way we like it. And beauty is, among so many other things, an investment. We take time to craft that pristine self-care routine that will help us preserve our wrinkle-free smile and our glowing gaze. So what’s the harm in investing a little extra in our beauty when you have the time and the funds for the endeavor?


After all, with so many different challenges - from sun damage, aging, stress, all the way to the temptation of fast food - sometimes our looks do need that little “nudge” to stay on the right track.


Without further ado, here are the five beauty treatments you’ll want to save up for and add to your beauty bucket list as soon as possible. If the five beauty treatments are not cut out for you, visit Divabikini for more options!


Permanent makeup

You wake up, and then you spend an hour plumping up your lashes with mascara, tinting your lids with a liner, and applying a slew of other contouring products to bring out your lovely features because not everyone is blessed with prominent eyebrows or lashes for that matter. So, you rely on your trusty makeup products daily.


To save time, you can spend a little extra cash on getting permanent makeup tattooed on those designated areas you feel are the most demanding for your beauty routine. But don’t be fooled by the name, since “permanent” might be too strong a term. The process is easy on the skin and the results will last for several years, but if you wish, you’ll need to repeat the sessions every time the results start to wane.


permanent makeup


Cool your love handles away

Unless you’re a fitness model or a pro athlete, you most likely have a few of those spots on your body you’d happily change if you could somehow delete the impact of eating cupcakes. More often than not, it’s tough to use just dieting or your gym membership for those stubborn fat deposits on your belly, around your hips, or on your legs.


Enter ‘non-invasive fat removal called CoolSculpting that has taken the world by storm, and that can help you with those stubborn areas on your body. You’ll be happy to learn that there are no incisions and that the procedure uses innovative technology to freeze the targeted tissue, and then your body will naturally “dispose” of the fat over the course of several weeks or months. Afterwards, keep your diet and exercise in check, and your results should be quite stable!


Microdermabrasion for smooth skin

As a beauty aficionado, you already know the importance of exfoliation for your pores and for keeping your skin youthful and clean. Alas, in the face of modern-day challenges, sometimes even the finest of scrubbing products cannot do you justice and keep your complexion clear.


Evening out your skin tone, getting rid of clogged pores, and those sunspots are all possible with the help of microdermabrasion. Sometimes, you’ll find the process helpful even for reducing the visibility of those fine lines around your eyes and lips, too. Just make sure you’re the right candidate depending on your skin issues, so talk to your dermatologist before you book the treatment!


laser hair removal


Laser hair removal

Whether you’re Jasmine or Rapunzel, chances are that you’re not too excited to use your razor every day to shave your legs or keep your armpits smooth. Dark-haired gals have an even hard time tending to this particular issue, so they are often more likely to consider a more permanent solution.


Luckily, laser hair removal is actually a perfect match for dark-hair types because the process is more effective as the laser can easily detect the pigment, which is not the case for fair-haired folk. Smaller areas such as the upper lip are, of course, less pricey, so you can start there to see if you like the results, while larger areas such as your bikini zone or your gams might cost upwards from $300 per session.


Pearly whites, anyone?

Your love for coffee may have cost you a few shades of white. Add some nicotine to the mix, and it makes even more sense that those unsightly spots on your teeth will inevitably start bothering you. Thankfully, there’s a somewhat simple dental treatment you can discuss with your dentist, that will help you restore if not even elevate that pure white glow of your smile.


Teeth whitening uses a hydrogen peroxide-based gel applied to your teeth, and then a LED lamp is used to “bleach” your teeth. The price of the procedure is approximately $500 per session, but you can sleep happily knowing that the results can last as long as five years if you stick to the maintenance rules your dentist prescribes. You may have successfully removed the stains, but you should also be mindful of protecting the results from future damage. Have you tried sipping your coffee with a straw, maybe?


Beauty is a gift, so cherish it. These treatments can help you with your beauty conundrums and struggles, so give them a go once you have the funds, and spread the word of the results so that more can learn of the many perks of our latest beauty innovations.

Written by Peter Minkoff



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