5 Different Ways to Add Plants to an Apartment
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add plants to your apartment

Decorating your apartment with plants and greenery has a lot of proven scientific benefits. Researchers have found that having plants indoors helps improve our mental health, reduce stress, and boost immune systems. Additionally, having plants in our indoor living space helps calm us down after a stressful day, freshen up our indoor space, and improve the indoor air quality. 

However, decorating your home with plants is more than just adding a plant pot or vase into different areas of the house. It is important to consider the amount of available space that you are currently working with. What kind of plants would look best for your particular layout? Should I purchase one large plant, or many small ones? There are many factors to consider. 

Here are several different ways to add plants to your apartment and spruce up your indoor living space.

Make a Plant Terrarium

Plant terrariums are attractive to the eye, and can conveniently be added nearly anywhere in your home since they are often small. They resemble minimalistic aquarium tanks for small plants such as succulents, cacti, and more. Not to mention, terrariums can be easy to make! They require low maintenance and can survive indefinitely with a minimal quantity of water. You can place the plant terrarium on your coffee table, living room, bedroom dresser, or even your hallway. You will be impressed by the stunning and appealing look they add to a fixture and to a room. 

Hang Plants from Your Ceiling

Another way to decorate your home with plants is to hang plants from your ceiling. Hanging plants is an excellent option to spruce up your indoor space with plants without any need to occupy any floor space. You can use hanging planters to hang several plants on a single string. This is a great method to maximize space. Unsure what to hang on some of the empty walls in your house because you ran out of posters? Hang a plant from the ceiling instead to add a beautiful and vibrant backdrop to the wall. 

Fill Up Empty Corners and Unusable Spaces

Most homes have a few empty corners and unusable spaces where furniture pieces just don’t seem to fit. These empty corners found in living rooms and family rooms are often dull and awkward looking. Not the easiest place to put a recliner! Rather than leaving the space empty, you can take advantage of these spaces and add large standing plants. Perfect for larger pots and taller plants to give the room more height. You can find round pots or square-shaped pots for those narrow corners that are more difficult to fill. 

You can play around with the style of each corner. There are dozens of colors and textures of pots to choose from that can alter the vibe of each room. You can also add wall art to add more personality and attention to the area. Doing this will make the area appear more attractive and also reduce background noise.

Place Plants on Your Bookshelves and Tabletops

When adding decoration to a house, homeowners will often fill their bookshelves and tabletops with candles and picture frames. You don’t have to stop there. Think big and think plants! For more texture and character in your home, you can add plants to your bookshelves, tabletops, coffee tables, and mantle. These plants will bring good energy into your home and make your living space look serene and diverse.

Grow Herbs Indoors

Finally, you can decorate or add plants to your apartment by growing herbs indoors. Indoor herb gardens are an amazing idea for individuals and families that love greenery and cooking. From basel to peppers, teas, spices, and more, there are plenty of indoor-growing plants and herbs to choose from. These usually tend to be more affordable. You can grow herbs indoors and beautify your home even while on a budget. Plus, what better way to enjoy a salad than with leafy items on it that you grew yourself? 

There you have it! Above are some amazing ways to add plants to an apartment and spruce up your indoor living space. Adding plants and greenery into your apartment helps create a happy, serene, and tranquil environment and improves your indoor air quality. Why not decorate your living space using things that offer health benefits to you and your family?

Whether you are redesigning your living space or considering bringing a new look and feel into your home, try as much as possible to incorporate plants and greenery into your interior design. By making use of the ideas provided above, you can spruce up your living space with plants and maximize space efficiency.

Written by Alex Capozzolo


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