5 Factors That Contribute to Anxiety in Humans
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If you find yourself anxious regularly in life, then you should know that you are definitely not alone. Anxiety is a problem that is experienced by a lot of people and it is not something to be ashamed of. Plus, one can successfully overcome a problem only when it is accepted completely as a genuine problem. 

In this article, we will analyse those factors which unfortunately contribute to maximum anxiety in human beings. You will also find ways on how you can overcome these habits and gradually eliminate the problem of stress and anxiety from your life. So let us get started with it.


The number one cause of anxiety in human beings is due to the terrible habit known as overthinking.  What is worse about overthinking is that it puts you in this vicious circle of unending misery, as the more you think, the more you get stressed and you start to think even more. 

It is important to notice that no one can solve the problems in their life just by simply analysing them. One has got to face the obstacles in life without judging the outcomes quite often. Though it can be painful, it would indeed be worthwhile as you will be coming out of challenging situations without posing any problem to you as well as the ones who are around you. 

Excessive Smoking

Though you might be aware of the fact that smoking is bad for health, you should also know that it can make you terribly anxious too. It is simply a myth that cigarettes help in making people relax. The feeling of relaxation one gets after smoking is soon replaced by great anxiety as the withdrawal cravings start hitting in. This makes one fall into the vicious circle of smoking addiction.

It is also true that one can’t quit the addiction of cigarettes overnight as the chances of a relapse are extremely high. Thus, using some alternatives to deal with it can significantly help someone who is dealing with smoking addiction for so long. It is suggested that one consider using electronic cigarettes which has the ability to tweak the nicotine levels effectively. E-Cigarettes with zero nicotine content are best to stop the smoking addiction permanently.

Being Late To Everything

You might have felt that uncomfortable feeling when you realise that you are going to be late for a meeting. So worrying is the feeling when your sweat glands are activated and your heart starts beating faster. Even if we make it on time, the habit of being late never seems to stop. You should note that stress which arises due to unpunctuality can damage you both physically and mentally. 

The first step to be punctual about everything is to accept that you have a punctuality problem. Then you will be able to address those small areas that result in you becoming late.  

Negative Self-Talk

Most of the time, it is our own inner voice that wreaks havoc to our mental health than the voices coming from outside. The tendency of beating yourself up over small things can be a result of staying in bad company or even from being demotivated by constant failures. Still, one can easily overcome this habit of negative self-talk that makes them always miserable.

Firstly, you should drop the idea of perfectionism. It is true that one can excel in all crafts, but trying to be perfect means, inviting misery. Our morale gets destroyed when we sense that we can’t achieve the peak we have imagined all the way long. Secondly, drop the company of naysayers who always make you believe that you can’t do anything. Their pessimism can become your voice if you pay too much attention to them. If you can keep in mind these two things, you will be slowly but surely eliminating the habit of negative self-talk.

Lack of Sleep

Failing to get enough sleep at night can generate tremendous stress and anxiety in a person. This because lack of sleep creates an imbalance in those hormones in the body which regulates mood and behaviour. An individual who is sleep deprived often shows irritability because of this and becomes anxious at the smallest of things.

If you are among those who are finding it difficult to sleep, then try getting enough sunlight exposure through the day. When you expose yourself to sunlight, a hormone called Melatonin, which is responsible for generating sleep gets released. This helps in making you doze off faster at night. Secondly, stay clear off all gadgets 2 hours before you sleep as the blue light these devices generate can block your sleep significantly. Try it once and you will feel the difference quickly. 


Everybody faces the problem of anxiety at some point in their lifetime. What is important is that one must not get disheartened when then they feel stressed out. This is a problem that can be easily overcome with the right kind of strategies and a little bit of self-discipline. In this battle, patience and perseverance are going to be the keys to your success.

Written by Lynda Arbon


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Lynda Arbon is a passionate and enthusiastic health blogger. She likes keeping herself updated on health trends and blogs. Her favourite pastime is learning history and solving crossword puzzles. Follow her on Twitter.


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