Bedtime Rituals for Less Stress
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bedtime routine


Bedtime routines aren’t just for children. In fact, studies show that in order for adults to get quality sleep, they need to maintain consistent sleep routines. Now that nearly one in five Americans are sleeping worse than before the pandemic, learning how to de-stress and optimize your evening schedule for sleep is more important than ever.

We all experience stress on a daily basis, but for many the pandemic has amplified it. Constant stress can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being making it harder to be productive at work and enjoy time with loved ones.

Bedtime rituals can help you disconnect from stressors and anxieties to be able to adequately recharge and rest for the next day. 

They can look different for every person, but whether it means winding down with a good book or drinking chamomile tea, they can be used to decrease stress levels and adequately wind down after a long day. Tactics like meditation and journaling are great for anyone who’s thoughts keep them up at night.

For more bedtime rituals and ways to relax, explore Tommy John’s visual below on how to de-stress for better sleep

bedtime routine


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