5 Healing Herbs For Stress And Anxiety
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herbs for stress and anxiety


Balancing between our personal and professional lives is often overwhelming and stressful. The urge to stay ahead in the life race is mostly accompanied by anxiety and stress. Several factors in this hectic lifestyle trigger the panic button.  

In such instances, relaxing is the only support we can find. It's easier said than done. People attempt to relax their minds with mixed methods like over-the-counter medications and therapies. Some of these can lead to side effects too. 

There are a wide range of natural herbs that help you fight stress and anxiety. These herbs are healthy, natural and seldom have side effects. 

Here are 5 herbs listed that you can try using.


Also called holy basil, Tulsi is a common herb found in most of the households. The herb smells divine, which creates a soothing environment. They help in the management of anxiety and stress. You can try incorporating tulsi in your daily routine, either in the form of tea or immersed hot water. Studies prove that tulsi helps in relieving congestion, colds, and seasonal allergies in addition to its calming effect. 


Cannabis is a perfect herb to reduce stress and anxiety. Studies prove that incorporating cannabis daily reduced stress and anxiety in 89.3% of the participants in the first dose itself. There are several ways to administer CBD in your body. You can vape, dab, consume CBD pills or even buy edibles online to reap the benefits.

Balm Mint

Balm mint (Lemon Mint) of the mint family is a herb with a mild citrus scent. This herb helps in relaxing and calming the mind. Several reports say that balm mint has anti-anxiety properties on the brain. This herb also helps in insomnia and indigestion. It is said to ease the effects of any induced stress due to work. Participants taking Lemon Mint reported that it increases calmness internally. 

False Daisy

False daisy herbs can instantly calm and soothe your brain. These have been used for ages in ayurvedic medicine. It is most commonly known as Bhrinraj. Drinking daisy tea will relax your mind and body. This herb also comes in oil form, which can help relieve stress and anxiety. Adding to that, it will help you get a good night's sleep.


The relaxing properties of lavender have been known for ages. It helps in alleviating fatigue, depression, and anxiety. It boosts the GABA levels in the brain, which indeed promotes calmness and relaxation. It can be used in various forms like oil or directly as a tea or humidifier herb. 


For many years, people have been using these herbs to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety. They are relatively safe compared to drugs in stores. You can start gradually by incorporating these herbs in some forms in your life. And will definitely notice a change. 


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