5 Hints for Home Renovation Success
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home renovation success


Saving enough money for a home renovation project is just one part of the picture. The planning and the building are also important if you want the renovation to come out as a success. There are numerous factors to take into consideration, from hiring the contractor to tending to the legal issues, so it can be sometimes hard to keep track of everything that is going on at the same time. That is why we have prepared 5 hints that will help your home renovation to become a real success.


Plan Your Budget

As we have stated, merely having sufficient funds for the entire renovation doesn’t mean that you are going to get good value for your money. Planning the costs as accurately as possible ensures that all the tasks will get done properly. For instance, you have to ask the contractor to show what an exact cost is, including seemingly trivial items such as nails and bolts. Careful planning is needed because there are always going to be emergency costs that cannot be predicted, so you need to have some money in reserve for such instances.


Hiring the Right Contractor

In an ideal world, you could attempt to carry out the renovation yourself but hiring a contractor is much faster and cost-effective. If you hire the right contractor, you don’t need to worry throughout the build, but the “if” is big. Before you hire a contractor, consult your friends and family who have had similar work done before. Also, consult the contractor’s website and their portfolio to see what other clients think of them. It would also be useful if the contractor has experience in home renovations, which ensures that the entire project will go smoothly.


Tending to the Roof

Regardless of the part of the house you are renovating, you always need to look up and inspect the roof for structural failures. There could be several problems, such as rotten supporting beams, missing roof tiles, and even clogged gutter. Contractors often forget to take a look at the roof, so you can always climb up yourself to inspect it. In order to stay safe, consider hiring a crane from a company such as UMTH that offers various types of cranes, from boom lifts to cherry pickers. If your lifter is not higher than two floors, then a scissor lift, electric or diesel should do just fine.


Selling the Property

If you are not a real estate agent, you are probably getting the place renovated to spend many pleasant hours there with your loved ones. However, properties change ownership quite often, so by the time you reach old age, you could be tempted to sell your home. This means that all previous renovations will be scrutinized by prospective buyers. That is why it is not a good idea to over-personalize. Renovate any room to your liking but take care not to go to the extremes. Walls painted in tacky colors such as yellow or orange are perhaps not the best way to go.


A Complete Renovation

If you are thinking that a renovation implies just painting the walls and replacing window and door frames, then you were wrong. Once you start pounding, you have to inspect all the installations and replace the faulty ones. The inspection list is quite long: plumbing, electrics, heating, cooling, ventilation, and insulation are just some of the systems that might need upgrading or repairs. Also, don’t forget to inspect the water heater, even if you are not renovating the bathroom.


Finally, remember that a home renovation will also increase the value of your property, alongside creating a more pleasant atmosphere to live in. Just make sure to take into consideration these 5 factors before commencing the renovation.

Guest post by Patrick Adams



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