6 Home Improvements to Carry Out Before Winter
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Winter is going to be here soon enough, and this means that you want your house to be in tip top shape for the colder temperatures. Even the smallest window malfunction or loose roof shingles can wreak havoc on your home in case of a storm or unusually low temperatures.


That’s why you should inspect your home while the weather is still warm enough for you to be able to fix all the problems and spruce up your home before winter is here.


Check your heating system’s efficiency

Heating is vital in your home during cold winter months, so it’ll be a good idea to put it on your improvement to-do list. Make sure you check the heating system and look for the smallest problems because the sooner you fix them the less chance they’ll have to grow into major problems. If you have an older gas furnace, it would be a good idea to switch to a new one because they’re up to 50 percent more efficient than the older models. The best furnaces to look for are those with the Energy-Star label because they’ll provide warmth for the most affordable price.


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Clean your fireplace

A proper inspection of your fireplace is vital before winter because you need to make sure your home is safe from any potential fire hazards that a malfunctioned fireplace can cause. Clean it at least once a year if you use it throughout an entire winter to prevent chimney fires. To remove dirt, wipe the surface down with a damp cloth. Next, apply one coat of paint made with two parts white paint, one part grey and two parts water. Apply the paint with an oval-shaped brush to the bricks. The next coat can be whichever color you like, after that you can use a wax as a finish.


Improve the indoor air quality

During winter, you’re likely to seal any cracks in your home tightly so that no cold air from the outside could come inside. This will also keep all the fresh air out, which can lead to a high concentration of allergens and pollutants indoor. Therefore, you should look for a quality air purifier that will keep the air inside your home fresh and remove all the odors. Make sure you check air purifier ratings and pick the one that’ll be the best for your home, and make sure you place it in the rooms that need major air purifying. If you smoke, keep an air purifier in the living room, and always have one in your bedroom too, for a better sleep quality.


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Check emergency systems

Winter is the time of the happiest holidays, which means your home will be filled with your beloved guests for whom you’ll be preparing plenty of food, and all the décor that comes along can potentially be hazardous, so it’s essential that your emergency systems are working well. Check your smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors, and if any of them is not working, replace or repair it as soon as possible.


Fix and upgrade windows

Installing modern windows will lower your utility bills significantly. Energy-efficient windows will save you money on utility bills and offer you a nice, warm home at the same time. You can also install storm windows on the inside or outside of your existing windows and retain heat 20% more efficiently. Just make sure you’re using the appropriate waterproofing materials, overlaps, joints and seams while you’re performing this upgrade. To increase the security of your home, think about installing window locks.


fix windows


Repair the roof

Not only can a roof repair benefit your home’s safety and warmth, but it can also boost your home’s value. So, in case you decide to sell your house in the future, you’ll be able to get a much better price, given that your roof is brand new. Check if any of the shingles are loose or missing, and replace them if they are. Don’t risk having snow or ice fall in through any of the cracks on the roof by making sure there are no leaks or gaps on it. After you’ve inspected your roof, in case you found out it needs to be replaced, make sure you go with shingles that can withstand the heavy wind, snow and harsh weather.


As winter approaches, you should start thinking about all the home improvements you can do before the colder weather hits. Keep your home cozy by fixing all the leaks and installing new windows, invest in a quality air purifier, check the roof for any leaks, clean the fireplace and make sure your security systems are working properly, and you’ll be ready for the cold winter in a blink of an eye.

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