5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean
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A clean kitchen always motivates you to cook more often and, as a result, enjoy homemade meals regularly. On the other hand, if your kitchen is always cluttered, dirty or gives you a hard time cleaning, you may be inclined to be ordering dinners all the time and we all know how expensive and unhealthy those can be. You can, however, enjoy making meals in your kitchen if you follow these tips that will ensure your kitchen is clean at all times.


Organize your kitchen

Do not start cooking until your kitchen is clean and organized. Start by arranging your cooking pots, spoons, spatulas and other utensils each according to its type. That way you will be able to easily access them whenever you need without cluttering your counters. It is advisable to store them away in cabinets as opposed to arranging them on the counter top to ensure your working area is not cluttered at all. Such organization also makes it easier to clean up messes whenever they happen. Starting with an organized and clean kitchen always motivates you to leave it clean once you are done preparing your meals.


Tidy up as you cook

If you are waiting for water to boil or have some free minutes on hand while your dish cooks, you can tidy up your counters and put away utensils you are done using. Keeping yourself busy during those few minutes you are waiting will not only ensure your kitchen is clean, but you will be ready for the next stage of your cooking. You will also be amazed by how clean counters enhance your cooking experience and you will enjoy cooking everyday from your home.



Drain your sinks right away

This is super basic if you want to maintain a clean kitchen. Leaving greasy, dirty water in your sink is not only gross but also attracts buildup of bacteria and germs. Moreover, the sight of greasy water in your sink is ghastly and may kill your motivation to spend more time there. After draining the sink, you should also wipe it clean, removing food chunks and other debris that may be in the sink after washing your utensils.


Minimize spills in the kitchen

Spills in the kitchen can be disastrous which can cause falls if not cleaned up immediately. There are several ways of minimizing spills in your kitchen. Key among them is ensuring that your kitchen is organized so that you don’t get clumsy working with your kitchen equipment and utensils. Some spills may also be caused by kitchen faucets running unattended or those that are left accidentally running because you have to attend to something else immediately. Investing in a quality touchless kitchen faucet sensitive to hand motion while you are in the kitchen will help prevent such spills and also help reduce water consumption in your kitchen.



Have a trash can in the kitchen

Having a trash can dedicated for your kitchen ensures that food scraps and other dirt that come across in the kitchen are disposed off immediately. You can even peel your vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and potatoes directly to the trash can and therefore not have to clean twice if you were to use your kitchen counters for the same. A dedicated trash can also reduces your movement in the kitchen saving you energy and time which you can use instead for making the perfect dinners for your family.


Overall, maintaining a clean and hygiene kitchen will not only make your work easier, but also prevent germs and bacteria from invading your kitchen. A clean and organized kitchen is also attractive and you won’t be surprised when your spouse or kids want to join in the kitchen while making meals. You should also remember to maintain a cleaning schedule for other areas in your kitchen, which do not require daily cleaning such as your refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and grease filters.

Guest post by Lynn Genah, a writer and an editor at The Best Specs



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