5 Simple Sustainable Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space
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Sustainable practices are aimed at minimising the input of resources and the output of waste to achieve a meaningful eco-friendly environment.


This underscores the importance of sustainable design in the landscaping of outdoor living spaces and the environment at large. To personally and individually achieve this, we need to go green, not just in the preservation, but also the design of our outdoor living spaces. The benefits apply not only to the world at large, but also to your own life.


For instance, a major motivator is saving money on utility or food expenses and drastically reducing the cost of maintenance required for your lawn or surroundings.


Achieving sustainability is easier than you may think.


But a common misperception is that sustainable design is a hindrance to having the surroundings of your choice, but that’s incorrect: rather, it advocates practices that are friendly to the environment.


To start, simply envision the perfect outdoor experience for yourself, find out how to make it sustainable, and progressively work towards it.


Read on for 5 simple sustainable ideas to start changing your personal outdoor space:


Grow plants

Plants are the very foundation of sustainable practices due to their preservation of the environment. Be they flowers, trees or shrubs, they are an important part of our ecosystem, providing numerous benefits.


Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels by absorbing it from the atmosphere and then releasing oxygen. They bring down air temperatures and cool neighbourhoods. Growing plants is the first and most potent of green landscaping design ideas for your outdoor living space.



Make mulch

Mulching not only enhances the appearance of your landscape, it also prevents the growth of weeds.


From shredded leaves to grass clippings and stones, you are at liberty to choose from a wide range of natural materials. Other advantages of mulch include protection of plants’ roots, regulation of soil temperature, erosion control, etc. Mulching also reduces your landscaping maintenance time and costs.


You could also practice grasscycling. Grass clippings decompose rapidly thereby releasing nutrients back to the soil. Grasscycling saves you time and money and is eco-friendly to the environment.


Recycle materials

In addition to the sustainability advantage, give your outdoor space a unique look with recycled materials. Items such as broken concrete or upcycle glass bottles can be used for lawn borders.

The Rabbit Hole, a quaint bed and breakfast in Krugersdorp, South Africa, does an exceptional job using recycled materials in their gardens.


Plant in containers

Another idea that gives your outdoor space a stunning look is container gardening; growing plants in containers such as pots.


Be aware though, that this gardening technique is quite different from the traditional soil gardening technique, as potted plants are subject to different planting procedures and require specialised care to grow and stay healthy.


Grow edibles

Who says sustainable landscaping can only give you a beautiful and serene environment? As well as providing visual beauty, you could also enjoy delicious food on your table for a fraction of the cost of buying it from shops. And it’s likely to be a whole lot healthier too.


This photo by Gardeningknowhow shows a functional and pretty veggie patch with its mix of flowers and edibles.


Try integrating edible flowers if there is enough space. Artichokes, lettuce, and blueberry are all a lovely sight to behold when planted and are delicious on your table when harvested.


While there is an inexhaustible list of ideas for a great outdoor living space, the above-mentioned tips give a simple start to upgrading your outdoor experience, in addition to being friendly to the environment.

Guest post by Claudia Beck




About the Author

Claudia Beck is a newly graduated interior designer based in sunny Perth, Australia. Raised in a family of home renovators, she’s always been in and around building projects.



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