5 Tips to Make Moving with a Pet a Breeze
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According to Dallas movers, if you’re moving with a furry family member, it’s important to prepare them for the big day. Taking a cat or dog from familiar territory and dropping them into a new environment can be scary and disorienting. Picture it through their eyes: mountains of boxes strewn about, the booming sounds of furniture being moved, a space that seems foreign, and humans shuffling around all over the place. How stressful!


That’s why it’s so important to take special care of your pets as you transition into your new home or apartment. That means following your usual routine as closely as possible when it comes to feeding, walking, or play time. Here are 5 tips to help make moving with your furry friend a breeze.


Familiarize Yourself with New Pet-Related Regulations

Whether you’re dealing with a homeowners’ association or a new landlord, make sure you take the time to brush up on all the rules and regulations surrounding their pet policies. Depending on where you move, you may be required to hold a certain certificate or get an additional vaccination for your pet. Avoid adding to your stress by waiting until after you move to read up on your building’s pet policies.


Contact Your Vet

You’ll want to contact your current veterinarian to obtain a copy of your pet’s medical records as well as pick their brain about any recommendations they may have for your upcoming move. Maybe your pet despises traveling and your doc can provide you with medication or a behavioral technique that’ll ease your pet’s unease. Your veterinarian is also a valuable resource for suggesting a new vet and providing insightful information on things like micro-chipping to protect your loved one in their new surroundings.


Update Address Records

A vital piece of the equation is ensuring you’ve updated your address on all the essentials, like your pet’s identification tag or collar. If your furry friend is already microchipped, you’ll want to update your address and phone number in the digital database so new neighbors can contact you if necessary.




Maintain Your Normal Schedule

Rather than procrastinating and scrambling at the last minute to throw all your belongings into brown boxes, try to pack up your things over time. This way, your pet won’t feel any discomfort during the process. Cats are especially prone to stress when transitioned into a new environment, so make sure to keep supplies like toys, food, water, and any medication they may need handy and ready to access at a moment’s notice during the move.


Plan out Your Actual Moving Day

Long distance movers advice, on the actual moving day, it’s best to keep your pet away from the chaos of moving furniture and unloading boxes. Whether you ask a friend to babysit your pet for a few hours or you use a local daycare center, removing your four-legged fur-ball from the equation will help make the transition easier. If you simply leave them behind closed doors while all the loud noise of moving takes place, it could be extremely unsettling for your pet.


While moving can be an exciting start to a new chapter of your life, you always need to keep your pet in mind when moving them to a new home. Give them plenty of snuggles and keep all their favorite toys handy so the transition is as smooth as possible.


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