How to Have a Fun and Safe Road Trip
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There is nothing better than packing up your best friends into a car and hitting the road. It is not as much about the destination as it is about the road trip and the fun and bonding you will experience together. Of course, safety is important and you shouldn’t let the good times get in the way of that. So let’s see what steps you should take to have a fun and safe road trip you are bound to remember for years to come.


Make sure the car is not overcrowded

You might want to bring all your friends with you on the trip, but you should think about comfort as well. Four people in a car are enough. You need to consider the legroom as well as space for luggage and food. After all, you will be spending quite a lot of time in a car and you need to have all your essentials at hand and easy to reach. There is something to be said about safety as well - an overpacked car can limit the ability of the driver to have a clear view of the rear end of the car, and the additional weight can affect their ability to maneuver the vehicle.


Ensure that your car is up for the trip

safe road trip



You don’t want to get stranded with your friends somewhere on the side of the road; especially, if you have chosen a country with vast uninhabited stretches of road, like the US or Australia. It is important to have your car checked out before setting off. And in case you don’t have the time to drive your car to the mechanic and leave it there for a day, you can do as most Australians do, have a local mechanic in Perth drop by your home and do all the necessary pre-trip checks like fluid changes and tyre pressure measurements right in your driveway or garage. You will save time and have a piece of mind that you are taking a safe vehicle on your long-awaited road trip.


Make a fun and relaxed itinerary

safe road trip



A road trip with your friends should be stress-free and fun. And a lot of it depends on the itinerary, how strict and crowded it actually is. So sit down with your friends and map out the route you want to take with all the stops you would like to make. Consider the amount of time you want to spend on the road as well as the number of nights you want to spend at each location. Don’t overdo the distances, consider spending from 5 to 6 hours driving in a single stretch; if you go to 8 or more, you might get too tired and put yourself and others in danger. There is no need to overexert yourself - after all, a road trip should be a relaxing experience. This is especially important if you are not used to driving long stretches, thus your reflexes will decrease and your attention might drop leading to inability to react properly to possible problems on the road. So make sure you consider these aspects when mapping out your itinerary.


Be ready for the unexpected

safe road trip



This is a road trip 101, so you need to be ready for the unexpected. The first step is having a well-stocked first aid kit. Check with your friends, in case they have some particular type of medication or allergies, ensure that you include that in the first aid kit as well. Another useful item is a satellite phone, especially if you are planning to drive through some remote areas that don’t have the best signal. A satellite phone will ensure that you will be able to call for help wherever you are. Finally, make a list of mechanic shops and gas stations so that you know where is the nearest location to get assistance if something unexpected happens on the road.


Make sure you are not the only driver

This is a must when it comes to going on a road trip. You need to ensure that if something happens one of your friends can take the wheel and you can safely continue the trip. Having just one driver in the car is both irresponsible and dangerous. Even if you can handle driving the entire route, you all will feel safer if you know that you can take a break and hand the wheel to one of your friends. Now, as a precaution, have the other designated driver drive your car a couple of times before you head out, so as they can get familiar with it, and thus feel more confident when the time comes for her to take the wheel. This will add to the safety of the entire trip.


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You are now ready for the trip, all that is left is to have fun, bond with your friends and create some amazing memories together.

Guest post by Brigitte Evans


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