5 Ways to Be More Ethically Aware Through Everyday Living
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Ethical awareness has become the new norm nowadays, which is no surprise, considering that there’s more and more information about climate change and its dire effects on all of us. This made people more aware of the necessary measures that must be taken in order to save the environment.


Additionally, a lot of people are choosing to go on plant-based and vegan diets, which is also another way of awareness. In case you’re planning to change your lifestyle and become more ethically aware, here are some ways that can help you do that.


Use less plastic products

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our oceans and all the living species there, so one of the best and most effective ways to become more eco-friendly is to simply reduce your plastic use. So, instead of using plastic bags, you can opt for totes that are made of durable and eco-friendly materials. Also, choosing to use reusable water bottles can be a great way to reduce your own plastic consumption. Reusing your old plastic food packaging is another effective way that can ensure less plastic pollution in this world.


Shop for cruelty-free cosmetics

Being ethically aware also means buying and using cosmetics that don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients and are manufactured without using cheap labor and animal testing. More and more brands are becoming cruelty-free, so make sure to check the back of the packaging for the ingredients, or even better, search for a leaping bunny logo as that’s the best indicator that the product is made without harmful practices. Now, some brands aren’t considered cruelty-free, as they’re owned by bigger companies that are, mainly due to their market presence in China, but it’s totally up to you to decide where to draw a line.


cruelty-free cosmetics


Drive less

Cars are one of the biggest reasons why we leave such a large carbon footprint, so in order to reduce it, it’s better to use a car as little as possible. Now, not many people can afford Teslas and other eco-friendly vehicles, but that doesn’t mean there are no solutions. Basically, try to walk every time you can and if you really need to travel longer distances, opting for public transport is also a good idea. Similarly, cycling is also another great way of eco-friendly transport, so instead of using a car, maybe try riding a bike, especially since biking is beneficial to your health and the environment.


Make your home more eco-friendly

Having an eco-friendly home can help you lower your energy use, and since your home is a place where you probably feel the safest, it’s only logical to implement some upgrades that will ensure you a green home. The best way to start is to get energy-efficient double-glazed doors that are heat-resistant which means lower heat bills and less energy wasted.


Additionally, using energy-efficient light bulbs and solar panels can help you live more sustainably. Using compost and insulating your home can help you produce less garbage and make sure your home is well-heated during cold winter days.


slow fashion


Embrace slow fashion

Fast fashion is everywhere we go, so it’s no wonder that most people prefer ordering cheap clothes online, without thinking about where these clothes actually come from and their effect on the environment. In fact, fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to pollution and waste, so if you’re looking to change the way you wear clothes, then the best way to do so is to turn to slow fashion. Buying from thrift stores and slow fashion retailers can help reduce the overconsumption and make more reasonable choices.


A lot of mainstream brands rely on your lack of self-esteem as that will also entice you to shop for new clothes in the hope you’ll feel better. Slow fashion, on the other hand, is more about using sustainable materials and fair trade, without pressuring you to constantly buy in order to like yourself.


Ethical awareness is the first step towards changing your behavior and day-to-day habits. But most importantly, you should follow the tips mentioned above at your own pace, without any pressure, because only then you’ll be able to commit to eco-friendly practices without feeling stressed.


Instead of eliminating everything that’s not green, try to adopt better habits that will actually make you feel good about the way you eat, shop and live. Being too rigid won’t do you any good in the long run. Therefore, it’s better to start with eliminating things you don’t care about or adopting habits that mean the most to you. After that, everything will be much easier for you, and your eco-friendly life journey will only get better and more satisfying.

Written by Lilly Miller



About the Author

Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer and a passionate writer. Loves everything about home decor, art history and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney.



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