How to Reduce Single-Use Plastic Waste in Your Home
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reduce plastic waste


The term “reduce, reuse, recycle” is well known, but unfortunately isn't followed as strictly as it should be. While a large amount of people claim to recycle, studies have shown that only 20% of worldwide waste is recycled and that an average household throws away 185 lbs of plastic every single year. Not only are those thrown away items going straight to the landfill, but they take up to 1,000 years to decompose.


So what should consumers be focusing on to combat this global issue? In the first place, they should be focusing on reducing their usage of single-use plastic in the first place. There are plenty of reusable options for everyday items throughout your home, and most won't cost you too much to replace.


The Zebra took a look at the most common single-use plastics throughout every room of the home and provides reusable alternatives in the infographic below. Take a look below and start your journey to an eco-friendly home one step at a time.


reduce plastic waste




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