5 Ways To Turn Into A Morning Person
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The idea of watching the gleaming rays of sunlight at dawn seems like a distant dream for most of us. And the reason? Well, we night owls are probably wrapped up in a cozy blanket catching up on the sleep we barely got to not long ago. But while the comfort of sleep cradles us, the rest of the world is up and preparing to start the day early, refreshed, and energetic. 

Burning the midnight oil seems like fun. But shifting your natural rhythm to accommodate yourself as a morning person can have a lot of perks. Starting your day bright and active can make it productive and exciting. Also, abstinence from hitting the snooze button can bring you in some extra hours in the day. This way, you can find time to relax and enjoy yourself. 

If you are seeking ways to change your routine and rise early, here are five effective tips to follow to set you up on a path to success.

1. Sleep Early

The first step to reset your internal clock or circadian rhythm is to correct your sleep cycle. Start by going to bed early. Calculate at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep to determine your bedtime.  Try to go to bed at the same time every day without fail. It might be difficult to fall asleep immediately for the first few days. But your body will start to accommodate the change in your bedtime eventually. 

Create a soothing and calming bedtime ritual to fall asleep faster. You can read a book, meditate, try aromatherapy before going to bed. Ensure that the room is completely dark and the temperature is comfortable. These factors signal your brain to fall asleep.

Weekends are no exception. So avoid staying too late past your bedtime, or you might fall prey to your old patterns. 

2. Start The Day With Exercise 

Starting an early day becomes easier by practicing activities that can boost your energy. It makes the early start motivating and comfortable for your mind and body. Exercise is a powerful way of receiving the necessary energy boost. The process can enable the release of endorphins and that is a wonderful way to begin your day. 

You can pick out any simple exercise of your choice, such as cycling, running, cardio, dancing, Zumba, aerobics, or even yoga. Exercising first thing also helps your body to wake up completely. It effectively lowers your stress levels and blood pressure. Outdoor exercises in the morning will give you the touch of a fresh breeze that will rejuvenate your mind.

Move your heavy workouts to afternoons or evenings. For example, if you are weight training, hit the workout towards early evening and explore supplements such as SARMS for elevated results. You can search online to get more info on SARMS Canada These heavy workouts tend to tire you and can enable you to fall asleep faster.  

3. Let In The Light 

Light has a crucial role in influencing your circadian rhythm.  By leveraging this relationship, you can train your body and mind to switch to an early morning schedule. The blue hues of dawn indicate the beginning of the day, and your body, on sensing it, will start to stimulate a wake-up response. On the other hand, amber or orange tones indicate dusk, which means it is time to secrete sleep hormones.

Sleep with the blinds open. The bright sun rays will signal your body to wake up. Similarly, try exposing your body to bright light all day. It will naturally tire you towards the night to help you achieve better sleep. This way, you can wake up early the next morning.

Avoid using electronic gadgets such as phones, laptops before bedtime. The blue light might interfere with your sleep hormones and keep you up longer than you intend to.

4. Use Some Alarm Tricks

The snooze button is the biggest foe of switching to a healthy morning schedule. You can try some alarm tricks to make sure you rise early. 

Place your alarm at the far end of the room to avoid being tempted to snooze. The best method to prepare your body to wake up at the right time is to refrain from adding a few extra minutes of sleep. Use a smart alarm app on your phone to achieve this. They typically require answers to a rigorous set of questions or math problems to enable the snooze option. The process intends to awaken your mind at the set time. 

You can also create a song mix to act as the alarm signal. The mixture of songs stimulates your mind to wake up. 

5. Relax Before Starting The Day 

Take some time to relax and enjoy the morning. Rising early becomes easier when you feel calm immediately after. So, take a moment to watch the sunrise or enjoy a warm cup of coffee before getting into the hassles of the day. It can be a powerful motivation to become a morning person.  


Starting with a rigid sleep schedule, work up your way to add energizing morning activities that can motivate you to rise early. Your chronotype or whether or not you are a morning person is quite similar to your family’s. But you can change this pattern with about two weeks of practice and the will to never drift back to old and lazy patterns. 

Try these amazing tips to change your chronotype. It can give you a glimpse of the impeccable morning life of the world that you are truly missing out on now.


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