6 Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials One Must Know
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Who never prefers covering and securing their heavenly habitat with an eco-friendly roof? In recent times, most of the standard forms of eco-friendly roofs are of wood, metallic frames, fiber-coated or else rubberized. Most people opt for the recycled roof shingles made out of eco-friendly materials. Read along with the details given below about the six eco-friendly roofing materials, to get the know-how on the same.


The reason behind the preference for an eco-friendly roofing material

The idea behind the installation of eco-friendly material roofs for the houses is a handful of ones. They are:

  1. These roof types help in curbing electricity consumption.
  2. Their contribution is a major one for a healthier and hygienic ecosystem.
  3. Most of these eco-friendly roofing materials are easily accessible and cost-effective.
  4. Some of these are water-resistant and good conductors to heat and fire. They are also long-lasting.


The roofing does not imply the concept of 'one-size-fits-all' type of situations and places. Below discussed are the six highly-rated eco-friendly roofing materials with the associated options.


Solar panel roofing

The energy-efficient solar panel roofing is one of the most asked-for roofing materials in recent times. But these panels never form the entire house roofing. While fitting the same, solar panels require adequate support. But then they are incredibly beneficial. Apart from saving electricity bills, they curb pollution. Sunlight is the only main requirement of any solar panel. The installation of the same is cost-effective. Hence, they are the 'most-wanted' household roofing. Initially, while installing the same, you have to invest a significant amount. But then it is a 'one-time' investment.


Metal roofing

A metal roofing ensures safety and security, along with durability. It is a perfect choice for those asking for durable and safe roofing for their living habitat. Forever metal roofs are sturdier, as compared to the wooden or fiber ones. A metal roofing protects your house from all the harsh weather, while maintenance cost is also not pocket-pinching. As already mentioned, you can transform the metal roof into a white one by coloring the same with light hues. And it is not too cost-effective if it is considered as ‘one-time’ investment.


Recycled roof shingles

Recycled roof shingles are quite a common one amongst the other house roofing materials. The use of asphalt shingles is the most prevalent as compared to the different varieties. Asphalt roof shingles are highly recommended for their positive qualities like durability, water-resistance, cost-effectiveness and easy installation. But then the asphalt roof shingle is not too environment-friendly as these are petroleum-based. They emit hazardous and toxic fumes while recycling is on progress, of the same. Most of these roof shingles are affordable ones. So, you need not worry while considering your house roofing material. Hire an expert roof installation team to make your house look perfect from all directions. These professional teams act as a guiding light while helping you in deciding the best eco-friendly roofing material for your home.


Rubber roofing

A reinforced rubber shingles roofing comes under the category of eco-friendly roof material. A rubber roofing comprises old tires with steel belts. It is a good roofing material and is coated with grounded slate powder for enhancing the texture. The rubber roofing comes in assorted colors. It is weather-resistant and acts as a good conductor of the heat. The durability of a rubber roofing varies from 45 to 50 years.


Living roof

Commonly known as a 'green roof,' a living roof accommodates a handful of vegetation on top of it. This kind of roof-top gardening lessens energy consumption while absorbing the excess heat, especially during the summers. Nations like Canada, through their extensive research, have deciphered that it results in energy consumption reduced to at least 70-75 percent. During heavy monsoons, most of the green roofs absorb almost 80-90 percent of rainwater. The material used assists in doing this. The materials used for green roofing are both affordable and effortless. Instead, your house will look more vibrant and beautiful. Moreover, if you have a shortage of space, in and around your living area, a green roof is the perfect option for you. Apart from having attention-grabbing features, you are free to lay your hands in roof-gardening!


Roof extensions

A roof extension assists in keeping your house interiors fresh and full of hygiene. A roof extension acts as a protective measure, especially protecting the house from extreme monsoons and scorching summers. A roof extension depends upon its placement and direction. A south-facing roof extension permits minimal sunlight to seep inside the house interiors. It thus keeps your rooms fresh during summertime. During the onset of winters, the extended roofing allows the wintry sun rays to pass on these areas, which hardly gets any rest of the year. Many countries, including America, highly recommend these roofing materials, especially those situated in the Northern hemisphere. This eco-friendly roofing material stands perfect for the south-facing houses. It requires no other additional roof material, except for the extended portion. And you will benefit from all the seasons, year long.


Bottom line

While considering the kind of eco-friendly roof material for your house, be sure to appreciate the pros and cons related to the same. You will be the one experiencing the effects of your decision-making for a long time. Therefore, be a smart house owner. Think practically and carry on with your decision making.

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