6 Health Benefits of Chocolate For Women
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Women rejoice! We love chocolate, and now research-backed data is giving us ample reason to indulge our chocolate cravings. In fact, eating a square of chocolate on a regular basis has been proven to have numerous health benefits for women.


Uplifts your mood

Chocolate causes a chemical in our brain to be released which produces endorphins that make us feel good, a feeling similar to falling in love! Endorphins help reduce anxiety. Chocolate is also rich in magnesium which uplifts your mood and reduces water retention.


Reduces signs of aging

It gets even better, ladies. Not only does eating chocolate make us feel great, but the caffeine and antioxidants present in chocolate do wonders for the skin. Globally, women are being offered the option of pampering themselves with chocolate spa sessions or a heavenly chocolate massage to improve their skin.


The caffeine present in chocolate firms the skin up by improving blood flow, thereby decreasing the aging process. The antioxidants help increase the level of collagen and elastin in the skin which help in reducing the signs of aging.



Sun protection

Moreover scientists discovered that eating 20g of chocolate, especially dark chocolate, with a high percentage of cocoa solids every day for twelve weeks resulted in increased ability of adults to withstand double the amount of UVB rays before their skin started to redden, compared with those who ate ordinary chocolate. Dermatologists advise not to throw away your sunscreen yet though!


Lowers risk of heart disease

In an analysis of studies involving 20,951 people, researchers at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland suggested that those who ate the most chocolate for over an average of 11.3 years (most of it milk chocolate) had a lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke than those who ate the least or none at all. The amount of flavonoids and antioxidants is generally higher in dark chocolate, but milk chocolate has its benefits too.


Reduces pregnancy stress

Are you pregnant and craving chocolate? Now expectant mothers don’t need to feel guilty. A Finnish study found that chocolate is good for mothers and babies. It reduced stress in expectant mothers, and, as a result, the babies of such mothers smiled more often than the offsprings of parents that did not eat chocolate. Women who are not pregnant can also reduce their stress with chocolate treats.


This superfood may also prevent pregnancy complications. Chocolate has a chemical called bromine which controls high blood pressure during pregnancy by widening the blood vessels.


Reduces memory loss

Flavanols in chocolate are thought to reduce memory loss in older people, and the anti-inflammatory qualities of dark chocolate have been found beneficial in treating brain injuries such as concussion.


As with all guilty pleasures, moderation is the key. Health professionals recommend sourcing a good quality chocolate to reap its benefits. Remember chocolate has sugar and milk solids added to it which increase your calorie intake. Limiting your intake to around half a bar everyday would be ideal. Now here is a new resolution we all can hold on to!

Guest post by Tanya Sen



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