Is Chocolate Really Bad For Children?
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For children, the very word, ‘chocolate’, can conjure up images of sweet, delicious goodness that they are all too happy to enjoy every day. However, the overwhelming majority of parents tend to put severe limitations on the number of chocolates that their children can consume. These well-meaning parents are guided by the belief that chocolates are not at all healthy for the little ones.


However, recent studies and researches have uncovered an interesting array of facts about the health impact of chocolate. That dark chocolate is healthy for adults (in small quantities, of course) is now well known. But now some studies have shown that even for children chocolate is not as harmful as is believed and might even benefit them a bit!


Interested? Read on to discover more.


Chocolate Does Not Make Children Hyperactive

One of the most common complaints that parents have against chocolates and even candies is that those foods make children hyperactive. They believe that consuming chocolates can cause the children to start fidgeting and make it harder to fall asleep. However, a recent study conducted in Australia shows that there is no truth to these statements. In the study, a group of preschoolers were given chocolate and observed. It was noticed that the chocolate had no effect on the level of their fidgetiness.


No Link Between Dark Chocolate and Weight Gain

Another common complaint against chocolate from parents is that it leads to weight gain. However, this is not completely true. In a recent study, researchers gave a group of children chocolates on a regular basis and monitored their weight and other aspects. At the end of the study, it was noticed that even regular consumption of chocolate had no effect on the weight of the children.


However, there are a couple of conditions that should be noted here. First of all, the chocolate given to children were of the dark variety. In other words, dark chocolate does not have much of an effect on the weight. The same cannot be said of milk chocolate or white chocolate. Additionally, the children consumed dark chocolate only in moderation. Like with any food, excessive consumption of dark chocolate can lead to obesity.


Chocolate Is Not Always Bad For Teeth

From a young age, children are taught by their parents that chocolate is bad for their teeth. However, the truth is slightly different. While sugar is definitely bad for teeth, the same cannot be said about chocolate. In fact, researchers have determined that chocolate poses the least risk out of all sugary delights.


This is due to the antibacterial agents present in cocoa beans. These agents significantly reduce the sugar levels in chocolate. As a result, chocolate is less likely to cause dental issues. Moreover, chocolate also contains a compound that helps protect the teeth. Therefore, chocolate is not going to harm your children’s teeth as long as they remember to brush properly.


Chocolate and Discipline

Studies on chocolate have also uncovered an interesting relation between chocolate and discipline. It was discovered that children who are restricted from consuming chocolate are more likely to eat more when given access. On the other hand, children who get small amounts but regularly are more likely to be disciplined in their consumption of chocolate.


Therefore, parents should seriously consider giving their children some chocolates every once in a while. After all, it is good for them.

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