6 Must-Read Books for Sustainability Professionals and Entrepreneurs


Whether you’ve just begun your career in the field of sustainability, have years of experience working for sustainable companies and organizations or run your own business, these books will become your invaluable companions. They provide an in-depth up-to-date information on best CSR practices in European countries and SMEs, present innovative methods, frameworks  and tools for embedding sustainability in the core business including logistics operations, supply chain management and packaging. 


Sustainability  Science

This book is best suited for students and people who begin their career in the field of sustainability. It consists of 30 chapters that provide an introductory level information on a wide spectrum of topics relevant to sustainable development and sustainability, ranging from justice, science policy, business to mobility, oceans, international development, health, energy, education.


Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe

The book contains an up-to-date information on the current state of CSR in individual countries all over Europe. The book examines relevant political and governmental guidelines and frameworks for organizations and provides an overview of different initiatives, activities and approaches taken by organizations to achieve sustainable development goals and integrate responsible management practices in business operations.


Environmental Management: The Supply Chain Perspective

The book provides knowledge from the research findings and real-life cases that helps managers and students develop plans to implement environmental practices jointly with supply chain partners. This book serves as good reference to practitioners and students to understand how to manage supply chains to improve business as well as environmental management.


Environmental Footprints of Packaging

The book consists of 7 chapters that explore such topics as the environmental footprints of packaging systems and materials, the life-cycle assessment of packaging systems, the environmental implications of reuse and recycling of packaging, etc.


Logistics and Supply Chain Innovation

The book provides case studies for successful and promising logistics applications within important innovation areas in modern logistics management. It serves to inform the broader logistics and supply chain sector on what can be achieved by implementing novel and smart innovative ideas and what is needed to make these implementations successful.


Sustainable Value Chain Management

Companies can prepare for the future by developing a sustainable business model in which the creation of business as well as social value is essential. This book explores how organizations can embed sustainability in products and supply chain and provides an overview of necessary aspects of sustainable value creation along with practical examples from companies and other organizations that have started using sustainable value chain management.


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by Natalie Myhalnytska


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