6 Roof Improvements That Will Help Reduce Your Energy Consumption
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The roof is one of the most crucial components of every home, even though most homeowners rarely think about it until it’s time for roof replacement or renovation. However, no matter how bothersome this home improvement task can be, it really is a must every few years. But, before you start your next renovation, here are some roof improvements you can make that will reduce your energy consumption and help your budget.


Paint it white

White roof or cool roof is a type of roof that is painted a light color that is highly reflective. This means your home will stay cooler in the summer by reflecting the sun’s heat away from your home. Your energy bill will be lower, but cool roofs have other advantages too. They help battle the heat island” effect in urban environments and they look quite attractive. The least expensive cool roofing option is white asphalt shingles that have almost the same price tag as your traditional shingles, making them one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions.


Metal roof

For many years, metal roofs have been neglected in the residential building because of their commercial look, but today they are slowly entering the scene of home building. This is mainly because of their amazing properties that can save people a lot of money. Metal roofs are usually light in color and have high reflection power, which is especially useful in hot climates like Australia’s. They are very successful in reflecting both light and heat, thus minimizing heat and lowering the cooling bill. Additionally, metal roofs are durable, low-maintenance and can be recycled which all makes them a great eco-friendly roofing option. So, find professionals in roof restoration in Melbourne who will make sure your new metal roof installation is fast and expertly done.


Upgraded underlayment for moisture protection

If you want to protect your home from water damage and save a lot of money on possible future repairs, you can consider installing a protective underlayment under the shingles. This upgrade will protect the wood below your shingles and even save you money on your home insurance. It’s a double win-win situation.


Make it wind-proof

Another way you can save on your home insurance is to protect your home from strong winds with hurricane straps. They will ensure your roof stays in place even during serious wind storms. Shingles with hurricane straps can resist winds up to 130-mph thanks to their high wind rating.


Invest in green roofs

Green roofs are quickly becoming very popular both in commercial and residential building. These roofs are covered with vegetation that provides excellent protection from heat. The vegetation layer provides additional insulation and doesn’t retain heat which lowers your cooling bill and saves you money. Aside from that, green roofs also purify the air, reduce the heat island effect and boost the visual attractiveness of the home. They really look unique and attractive on any type of structure.



Solar roof

Even though they are relatively new, solar roofs are quickly gaining popularity. They are made of solar tiles that contain solar cells that turn sun’s heat into energy. This process saves a lot of energy and produces electricity that is basically free. Additionally, solar shingles look very elegant on modern style homes. If this idea isn’t very attractive to you, you can invest in solar panels that do not require total roof replacement. Both options can get quite expensive from the start, but they pay off in the long run. When solar tiles or solar panels are combined with batteries that store energy, you can save a lot of money and almost become energy independent.


So, now that you know all the benefits of these alternative roofing options, next time you’re doing any roof renovations, go ahead and opt for these energy-efficient roofs. They will not only save you money on your cooling bill and lower your home insurance, but also help our struggling environment.

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