6 Ways to Support Sustainable Businesses in 2021

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Do you have a goal to support your local sustainable businesses? If not, you should consider it. You “vote” with your dollar, so it’s essential to put your money toward causes you back. These actions lead to a greener lifestyle and community overall.

Here are six ways to support sustainable businesses in 2021.

1. Order Takeout for Dinner

Is there a nearby vegetarian or vegan spot you want to try? You should see whether they offer takeout you can order. Eating less meat has a direct impact on climate change. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to show your city’s plant-based restaurants some love.

This effort helps sustainable eateries expand their reach, too. It’s not every day that people in lower-income areas can access places with healthy food options. If you become a frequent customer, you might be able to make an impact.

You can also consider buying from plant-based restaurants when helping others. If you’re planning to give food to homeless people this winter, you should skip the fast food. Delivering vegetarian and vegan options is better health-wise and environmentally.

2. Tip as Much as Possible

It’s always crucial to tip when you receive good service. That’s true whether someone helped you find something in a store or you had an awesome waiter serve you lunch. By tipping more, you’re directly supporting a sustainable business’s workforce. That makes a difference.

Aim to tip as much as you can afford. A good rule of thumb is 20% at restaurants. You can also put $5 in the tip jar at checkout when you feel the need. These may seem like small contributions, but you can help tremendously by giving a few extra dollars.

3. Share Posts Across Social Media

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to help? If so, you should use social media. A shared post can go a long way to get out the word about local companies. It only takes one picture or link for someone to become a new customer.

Look to see whether sustainable businesses in your area have social media accounts. Be sure to follow them. Then, you can share their content with your followers. Do this trick as often as you want. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to help.

If you have followers with sustainable mindsets, you should mention whether a business you’re highlighting has Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This verification recognizes companies with eco-friendly buildings that reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Buy Gift Cards Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved you can’t always support your favorite brands in person. If you’re unable to visit local businesses, it’s possible to help using other methods. Try buying online gift cards. This effort allows you to help from anywhere.

You can keep them for yourself or send them to friends. A gift card is also great for a giveaway or raffle at work. But whatever you decide, you’re putting money into a sustainable business — and that’s a wonderful feeling.

If your chosen business has an online shop, you can also send presents to loved ones across the country. That’s especially helpful when they don’t have access to sustainable companies in their communities. They’ll adopt new habits thanks to you.

5. Purchase More Essentials

Try setting aside time to visit a food co-op to get some of your grocery list items. Here, you can buy just about anything — and you’re supporting workers in a more ethical way. It’s also likely that your neighborhood’s food co-op sells products from local farms and producers.

As a result, you’re giving less to big companies that might have harmful business practices. Brands like Coca-Cola and Nestle are some of the biggest contributors to ocean plastic. You want to avoid buying from them — and that’s possible by shopping locally.

Your money also goes directly back into your community. That’s a win-win for everyone.

6. Offer Your Expertise for Free

Is there an up-and-coming green business in your area? You should consider offering your expertise free of charge. You could make them a website, paint them a sign or help them start advertising. This assistance might be what they need to hit the ground running.

You can also reach out to your followers, friends or family to see whether they can help. It often takes a community effort to help a business open its doors. As a result, you can feel good knowing you supported the growth of a sustainable brand in your town.

It’s also a great way to add to your resume when you’re looking for ways to expand your skillset. In that instance, it’s beneficial for everyone involved.

Help Local Sustainable Businesses Thrive in the New Year

COVID-19 has devastated many small eco-friendly companies. If you have the means, you should do your best to support them. Use these ideas to help local sustainable businesses thrive in 2021.

Written by Jennifer Landis


About the Author

Jennifer Landis is a mom, wife, writer, and blogger at Mindfulness Mama. She’s quite fond of peanut butter, distance running, yoga, and drinking as much tea as possible. Find her on Twitter @JenniferELandis.


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