7 Amazing Destinations for Eco-Conscious Travelers
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Eco-conscious people can make all the necessary lifestyle changes to preserve energy and minimize carbon emissions. However, can they also contribute to the preservation of the planet by travelling? It seems that vacations give us carte blanche to break the rules and decompress, but eco-friendly living is a particularly sensitive matter. As a matter of fact, you can choose destinations that offer predominantly outdoor adventures, eco-lodge accommodations and green transportation. Without further ado, here are 7 destinations for green travelers.



Chile is truly a shining example of a country that is investing in its own future. It relies on geothermal power and it is increasing the implementation of solar energy in every aspect of the industry and domestic life. Apart from that, it is a wondrously untamed country, renowned for its impeccable natural sites – including the glistening coastline and epic mountainscape.


green tourism



Iceland still retains its status as one of the greenest countries on the globe. After all, with geothermal resources even Chile would be jealous of, they have a nearly endless supply of electricity – an arrangement that enabled them to preserve their utterly unique topographical makeup and biome. Iceland will truly leave you breathless and make you feel as if you were transported to a whole different world.



When it comes to the emission of CO2 per capita, Finland is the second least polluting country. If you found Iceland to be interesting with its “elemental” appeal, you will get a kick out of trekking across Finland’s untamed terrain. Placid lakes, captivating scenery and expansive forests covered in snow are a prime-time sideshow before you head far north to enjoy the unmatchable spectacle of the Northern Lights.


green tourism



The always neutral country of Switzerland is renowned for its forward-thinking – including the eco-conscious tourism. Circa 90% of its ski resorts and hotels use solar-power. The Swiss Alps are vast and dotted with quaint resorts and spectacular vistas. It can be quite overwhelming once you’ve set your foot on its snowy slopes, so if you want to be able to make heads or tails of this incredibly intricate destination, you should consult reliable Switzerland Travel experts for the most opportune arrangements.


New Zealand

Due to the Middle Earth films, pretty much everyone has at least some idea of the awe-inspiring natural beauties of New Zealand. Did you know that this faraway destination also has an ambitious eco-friendly agenda to be 100% independent from fossil fuels by 2025? It becomes much easier to grasp the importance of planet preservation when so many awesome landscapes stare right back at you. Pristine beaches, mysterious caverns and ancient forests are waiting for you.


Costa Rica

For a long time, the visit to Costa Rica has been a rite of passage for eco-friendly travelers. The magnificent country in Central America has made an effort to protect nearly a quarter of its territory which is covered in lush national parks. Furthermore, it uses a whopping percentage of 95%-renewable energy resources. With such a reputation, it’s no wonder that this gorgeous patch of land between two oceans is dubbed a Mecca of eco-tourism.


green tourism



Slovenia is a small country tucked away between heavy-hitters when it comes to tourism – namely, Italy, Croatia and Austria. It’s no wonder then that it mostly flies under the radar for many tourists, but if you are a green traveler, you simply must check out a country that was named the “Green Capital of the World” in 2016. Taxis are pretty much electric, public bikes are free and the government has implemented innovative recycling systems. Another upside is the dazzling slopes of the Alps and natural wonders this country has in spades.


Green traveling sounds paradoxical. Reaching far distant destinations surely requires transportation that will leave a carbon footprint, not to mention the means of traveling around the destination itself. However, you can take a different stance in terms of this. Economies rely on the tourism industry and your visit can be another contribution that, if you behave in an eco-friendly way, keeps the world green.

Guest post by Carolin Petterson


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