8 Amazing Facts, Figures, and Health Benefits of Wine
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Learn more about the world’s most beloved drink. This guide will discuss several facts, figures, and benefits of wine.

health benefits of wine


Apart from water, it’s safe to say that wine is the most beloved drink in the world. But other than being the go-to drink for special occasions, it’s good to know that this drink can also have a positive effect in your health. 

If you spend a lot of time on the web, you’ve probably come across different kinds of content that talk about the health benefits of wine. But given the misinformation that often happens online, as well as the health stigmas surrounding alcoholic beverages, it won’t be a surprise if you thought that these blogs, videos, and graphics you’ve come across were fake. 

The good news is medical research proves that these claims are right. To educate you on the drink’s many wonders, the following guide will discuss the interesting facts, figures, and health benefits of wine

Grapes, the main ingredient of wine, contain several antioxidants

Grapes are filled with polyphenolic flavonoids, antioxidants that eliminate the free radicals you may get when exposed to pollution or eat unhealthy food. With the fruit being the main ingredient of the beverage, this means that drinking wine in moderation can be great for your health. 

Italy, Spain, and France were the top producers of wine in 2019

With an export volume of 21.6 million hectoliters, Italy was hailed as the top wine-producing country in 2019. Spain and France followed suit with 21.3 million and 14.2 million hectoliters, respectively. Thanks to the rich terrain and climate found in these countries, winemakers can create a wide assortment of flavors.

Moderate wine consumption can lead to a healthy heart

A 2019 study found that wine consumption can reduce a person’s risk of acquiring coronary heart disease. The compounds found in the beverage can regulate your body’s blood pressure levels, eliminate bad cholesterol, and maintain the linings of your blood vessels. This does not mean, though, that drinking lots of wine will solve your heart’s health issues, if any.

When taken in ideal amounts, your body will be able to reap the benefits of the drink. But if you drink excessively, you may come face-to-face with its unpleasant side effects such as blackouts, seizures, and diarrhea. If you have underlying health conditions, always remember to practice restraint whatever you’re consuming to maintain your physical well-being. 

One bottle of wine contains around 1.27kg of grapes

On average, you’ll need at least 600 grapes to make a full bottle of wine. If you want to create your own kind, then you’ll need to bring home around three bagfuls of high-quality clusters. This endeavor can be quite expensive, which is why the best bottles come with a hefty price tag.

It strengthens your immune system

If you’re looking to give your immune system a boost, you’d be glad to know that wines can help you out. Since it contains a ton of antioxidants, it can help prevent you from getting viruses or other autoimmune disorders. 

However, keep in mind that wine should not replace the dietary supplements, medicines, or healthy fruits and vegetables you are taking. To maximize the drink’s effect on your immunity, you should get enough exercise and follow a proper diet. 

Resveratrol can keep you safe from Type II Diabetes

Wine is filled with a compound called resveratrol, which can improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin and lower your risk of acquiring Type II Diabetes. If your family has a history with the ailment, limiting your sugar intake and drinking a glass of wine daily will keep you safe.

The oldest wine cellar in the world can be found in the RMS Titanic

Famously known as the gargantuan ship sunk by an iceberg, the RMS Titanic is also home to the oldest wine cellar in the world. Despite being trapped deep in deep waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, the bottles are believed to be still intact.

Wine combats inflammation

Chronic inflammation can cause different kinds of diseases, such as cancer and stroke. To reduce your risks,  doctors recommend that you get enough exercise, find ways to destress, and eat healthy at home

Fortunately enough, wine is a beverage that contains anti-inflammatory properties. A 2004 study found that individuals that consumed up to 1.4 oz. of alcohol a day experienced less inflammation than non-drinkers. With this in mind, it’s evident that consuming moderate amounts of the beverage can keep the mentioned diseases at bay.

A Glass A Day

Now that you know how wine benefits you, you don’t need to wonder what it exactly does to your body and why you keep hearing the line “wine is good for you.” So whether you’re on a date with your significant other, celebrating milestones with your family, or in a small gathering with friends, having a bottle to share is sure to bring happy and healthy times.

Written by Raichelle Carpio


About the Author

Raichelle is a retail assistant manager at Txanton, Philippines. She obtained her Sommelier license with WSET2 by late 2018 and has been working in the hospitality industry over the past 10 years. She has developed special talent for dealing with every kind of clients and is one of the favorite by many fine wine and deli consumers. Her exceptional skills have driven her to the top and the truth is she actually has a real passion for premium gastronomy, beverage, and service.


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