8 Benefits of Using Probiotics For Women
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benefits of probiotics for women

There is no shortage of benefits of taking probiotics. These live organisms are found in certain fermented foods and in supplement form. While most women associate the use of probiotics with a healthier gut function, the advantages stretch far beyond this. Here are eight of the top recognized benefits of using probiotics for women.

Boost Digestive Health

Probiotics are best known for their ability to balance the friendly bacteria that reside in the body's digestive system. By delivering the so-called "good" bacteria, probiotics are helpful in restoring the natural balance of the gut. It is easy for this balance of good and bad bacteria to be thrown out of whack when you are sick or on antibiotics. Taking a probiotic as a preventative measure can help to keep this balance in check, supporting overall good digestive health.

Clear Up Skin Issues

Struggling with eczema, acne, or rosacea? The American Academy of Dermatology has found that probiotics may help patients dealing with these irritating skin conditions. Probiotics are available in both topical and oral forms. For example, a topical treatment works by forming a protective barrier to keep environmental impurities from penetrating the pores and causing breakouts. Your dermatologist will be able to recommend the best course of treatment for your specific skin issues.

Ward Off Issues Specific to Women

A growing body of research is demonstrating that the use of probiotics in women may be helpful in warding off health issues that are specific to their gender. For example, probiotics have been shown to assist in preventing urogenital infections, vaginal yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis as they are able to promote an ideal balance of the vaginal microbiome. V-Luxe probiotics for vaginal health are getting very popular among women as they are really good. Probiotics can also be used to prevent and treat urinary tract infections. Feminine probiotics from Biom Probiotics are targeted for the female body, providing you with a supplement suited to your needs as a woman.

Improve Immune System

Everyone wants a stronger immune system. Probiotics may be the key to fewer illnesses for you. This type of supplement could have a profound effect on the ability of your immune system to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut, helping you to stay healthier in the process. Probiotics have also been shown to boost the production of natural antibodies, giving your immune system an extra kick.

Prevent Traveler's Diarrhea

Heading out on a trip and worried about being sidelined with a bout of traveler's diarrhea? Savvy travelers understand the importance of taking probiotics prior to and during a trip to keep this condition at bay. Be sure to build up your stores of healthy bacteria by taking the probiotics before you take off for your trip. A shelf-stable probiotic supplement is a good thing to take on your travels so that you are not constantly running to the bathroom.

Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Digestive Issues

In addition to proving helpful in treating acute issues such as diarrhea, many people turn to probiotics to treat various chronic digestive issues. This includes the treatment of Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis. Combined with other more conventional treatments, probiotics can be a powerful tool in helping people who suffer from these afflictions to live normal lives.

Help Weight Loss Efforts

While there is no magic pill for weight loss, the use of probiotics may give you that extra nudge that you need to break through that plateau. Some types of probiotics have been shown to prevent the absorption of dietary fat in the intestine, helping to ward off belly fat. Probiotics may also make you feel more satiated after you eat, keeping you from racing for more food.

Improve Fertility

Millions of women struggle each year with infertility. Could probiotics help this effort to conceive? Recent research shows that probiotics can help to regulate the body's hormonal processes, boosting fertility as a result. The use of probiotics can also be detrimental in preventing infections that lead to early pregnancy loss or other issues that impact fertility. The bottom line is that anything that makes you healthier overall will also spill over to your chances to conceive naturally.

These eight reasons should convince you that probiotics belong in your daily health routine as a woman.

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