8 Major Benefits of Green Cleaning Your Office
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green cleaning your office


People are becoming more conscious about their choices, and plenty of people have begun to shift into a greener lifestyle. A more eco-friendly lifestyle can even turn towards the workplace through simple decisions, like green cleaning the office.


Green cleaning is the process of cleaning a place using environmentally-friendly products and procedures. There are many benefits that a person can reap if they’re looking to incorporate green cleaning into their office space. Below are some of them.


Implementing green cleaning improves employee performance

Adopting green cleaning in the office invites opportunities for the workplace to encourage green choices in other aspects of the business. When an office implements green policies in the workplace, it leads to better employee performance.


Employees are more motivated when they know that their company is more socially conscious. Studies have shown that green companies make for more motivated employees thus making them more productive overall.


Aside from that, a sustainable workplace attracts a lot of the best people in the industry.


It improves overall indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect workplace productivity and satisfaction. Aside from that, it is harmful to everyone’s health when the air quality is terrible in the workplace. Thus, if you want a healthier and more productive workplace, then it is essential that one keeps air quality improvement in mind.


With that said, green cleaning procedures make use of environmentally-friendly products which do not harm one’s health unlike regular cleaning products, which contain lots of toxic materials that spread in the air.


Going green can improve your bottom line

Although people believe green cleaning is a better choice for our environment, a lot of people are still hesitant in adopting this lifestyle choice. That is because they are under the impression that it will be more expensive.


It is not the case at all. There are now more options in the market that cost the same as the regular products. Aside from that, if you’re having your office cleaned, make sure you look for cleaning services that don’t charge additionally for a green cleaning option. You can be environmentally conscious without breaking the bank.


It creates a sense of responsibility

When you encourage and incorporate a green cleaning life within the workplace, this fosters an environment that creates a sense of responsibility between the people in the office.


Even if you hire office cleaners to do a more substantial part of green cleaning, it is essential to teach people in the office how to maintain this level of cleanliness and sustainability.


Encouraging employees to do small tasks like recycling and using green cleaning products helps them feel satisfied with the fact that they are contributing to making their workplace a greener place.


Green cleaning companies such as Ideal Cleaning who use eco-friendly products in all of their cleans may even be able to sell their products to you. Ideal have a sister company who supply them with environmental products so if you want your employees to follow suit, you can invest in these and ensure they're used by the staff.


It safeguards employees against health issues

People would expect that cleaned areas are better for their health. Although this is true, sometimes the products used for the cleaning process itself are the ones that are detrimental to one’s health.


With green cleaning products, you avoid these health risks entirely. Green cleaning products have ingredients that aren’t bad to inhale. They also do not usually cause bad reactions upon exposure to people as well.


Green cleaning is beneficial to the building itself

Accidents can happen from time to time, and there is no way neither to control nor predict when this could happen. Sometimes, poorly kept cleaning materials can leak and cause major issues within the building.


Avoid this issue entirely by using green products that cause no harm when accidents happen and are easy to dispose of because they aren’t flammable or toxic at all.


Green cleaning products do not leave as much residue on delicate surfaces

Unlike traditional cleaning products, green cleaning products do not tend to leave residue in various surfaces around the office. Sometimes, regular cleaning products can leave behind air residue that is harmful to people’s health, and this residue is continually circulating throughout the air system of the office.


With green cleaning products, you avoid this problem because they do not leave behind any toxic residue in delicate surfaces.


It can help you attain credits

One benefit to having a greener life at the onset of the office that is actually underrated is the fact that your office can attain certifications. A workplace that has adopted a greener lifestyle can seek out a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.


Aside from finding public recognition, in some places, one can even get tax benefits with this certification.


Wrapping Up

There are plenty of benefits that can help incentivize people to shift to a greener lifestyle in the office. Most of these benefits don’t require much on your part to gain them. Only a few lifestyle changes can create a significant impact on the overall improvement of the workplace so why not make the change now?

Guest post by Raymond Chiu



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Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for Maid Sailors Office Cleaning, the leading office cleaning services in NYC. Maid Sailors take pride in providing outstanding office cleaning services at affordable prices. Maid Sailors helps workplaces transform into clean places.



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